IMMEDIATE ACTIONS Stabilize New York’s Economy by 2021

» Utilize CARES Act funding to launch a $25 million Small Business Wage Subsidy Program to sustain and increase employment opportunities for 2,500 small businesses, specifically targeting communities with a high reliance on small business and communities of color.

» Establish a six month, 100% income disregard for New York’s public assistance recipients participating in publicly funded workforce and post secondary programs, and employment opportunities.

» Expand income deferral for low income working New Yorkers and enable employers to contribute to worker asset accumulation to increase employee retention.

» Redirect $20 million in federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Governor’s discretionary and Rapid Response Funding to increase the availability of “work supports” under existing federal- and state funded programs to address childcare, transportation, housing, food security, and technology needs of New

» Maximize the federal 50/50 match and shift the SNAP Employment and Training Venture program to a cost reimbursement structure to increase the number of New Yorkers served.

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