June 6th, 2019
The Bad, the Good and The Ugly Report
What better time to think about your health routine than these summer days when walking and outdoor activities don’t require mukluks and mittens? In case you missed it, don’t sweat those 10,000 steps. Apparently that number is a myth created by a marketing department 50 years ago. Health benefits begin at about 4,400 steps. Meanwhile, this just in: Sleep Is NOT Overrated. Those overachievers claiming they can function on four hours of sleep are either napping in their cubicles or precariously close to dysfunction, according to numerous scientific sources noted in a recent NYTimes article . With that information, pop your feet up on that desk and read about what’s going on in your business community.
What’s Not Good for Your Health? Vaping. You have undoubtedly heard about the negative effects of vaping – high levels of nicotine have all the same side effects of nicotine delivered by traditional cigarettes … and have the same negative impact on workforce health, which is why it is a OneZone issue. A recent presentation from a Carmel Clay Schools resource officer sent an alarming message that this isn’t a harmless fad. The Carmel City Council’s rule committee will hear an ordinance Monday evening (June10) to ban vaping in Carmel. If passed, Carmel will be the first city in the state to ban vaping in public places.
Good for Business. The city of Fishers and Indianapolis Airport Authority signed a memo of understanding in 2015 allowing the city to market 211 prime acres bordered by 96th Street not being used for aviation purposes. Phase one of that development – a 65-acre site called “Metro Park” – was the subject of an RFP issued by the City last week. According to a written statement from the City, the call for proposals is the result of a collaboration between the IAA and Fishers to develop the unused land into a user-driven space that will result in additional jobs and contribute to the economic growth of Fishers.
Not So Good for Business. You may recall the long, cold winter and the much discussed “bias crimes bill.” While OneZone held fast to its belief that an explicit list covering age, sex and gender identity was essential in achieving an inclusive Hoosier welcome for all (and get us off the list of five states without this legislation on the books), the final bill signed by the governor was far more vague than we had hoped … and may prove more vague than can withstand constitutional challenge. We only need look to Georgia, where similar legislative gymnastics have occurred in regard to hate crimes legislation. According to a story from Associated Press : “It’s (Indiana’s legislation) going to be ruled unconstitutional because it doesn’t have specific provisions,” said Shelley Rose, deputy regional director of the Atlanta chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, which advocates for robust hate crimes laws. “It’s exactly what happened here in Georgia.” 
Plus One. Get your alternate 96 th Street routes in place if you’re traveling east-west crossing Keystone … because after June 17, you won’t be able to travel that east-west route for five months. Meanwhile, north-south traffic will be altered, but possible. And when all complete, it’s going to look something like this … just in time for holiday shopping!