May 16th, 2019
Finals are almost upon our local students. So it’s your turn. How much were you paying attention during the recent primary season?

1.     Which Hamilton county community held their first election?
A.   Cicero
B.   Atlanta
C.   Kirkland
D.   Arcadia

2.     Which city in Hamilton County had the most voter turnout as a percentage of their registered voter population?
A.   Carmel
B.   Westfield
C.   Fishers
D.   Noblesville

3.     What city had the only democratic primary this spring?
A.   Fishers
B.   Westfield
C.   Noblesville
D.   Carmel
E.   Cicero

4.     What council race had a winning democrat candidate with no opposition from any other party?
A.   Fishers
B.   Atlanta
C.   Sheridan
D.   Arcadia
E.   Westfield

5.     Which candidate used Boss Hog in a campaign sign?
A.   Logan Day
B.   Mike Corbett
C.   Scott Fadness
D.   Fred Glynn

6.     Which precinct in Hamilton County had the most voters go to the polls?
A.   Precinct 24 Noblesville (161 st & Gray)
B.   Precinct 2 Carmel (Clay Center area)
C.   Precinct 8 Westfield (Oak Manor; SE of 31/32)
D.   Precinct 37 Fishers (Fall Creek area)

7.     True or False? There was a lot of push by candidates to vote early. Did the winners of the early votes eventually win the election?

8.     What did Mayor Joe Hogsett and OneZone COO Jack Russell have in common on election day?
A.   They both tried unsuccessfully to vote as independents.
B.   They both rode their bicycles to the polls.
C.   They were both the first voters to sign in at their polling place.
D.   They both had their IDs and voter registrations questioned.

9.     What word was not used in all the campaign rhetoric?
A.   Dumpster
B.   TIF
C.   Rails
D.   China
E.   Potholes

10. True or False? The 2019 primary race in Hamilton County had the lowest voter turnout in the last three elections.

The answers:
1.D; 2. A; 3. C; 4. B (Town Council District 2 – Jody Price); 5. B; 6. D (Fishers’ 37 had 921 voters; 55% of registered voters); 7. True, except for Westfield Council District 5. Boller won the early vote but Johns won the primary; 8. D (Name challenges – Indy didn’t want to recognize Joe for Joseph or Jack for Richard); 9. D; 10. False. (We managed .75% higher than 2015)