The Week That Was … Things You Never Thought Would Happen
Perhaps you’ve tired of reading about the return of Coach Bobby Knight to Assembly Hall. (Or perhaps you’re still wearing your red and white, candy-stripe warm up pants … to each his own.) We should all hope when we’re 79 we can return to our place of employment (where we were unceremoniously canned, by the way) and receive a standing ovation. What’s the likelihood of that? About the same as the 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend leading the current number of delegates for the Democratic National Convention. So, with all that in mind, on to a little more predictability with “3 for Thursday.”

All Quiet on the Legislative Front . It’s been surprisingly peaceful at the State Capitol this week as committee meetings are just starting up for “the second half.” To recap, we started the 2020 session of the Indiana General Assembly with 913 bills (the House portion totaling 456 and the Senate 457). Of these, 114 House bills remain alive as are 175 Senate bills. So, as we gear back up for “part deux,” how about a little School House Rock refresher? Hum a few bars of “I’m Just a Bill” as you peruse the chart re: the precarious path to bill passage. 
Not So Quiet on the Candidate Front. Certainly, we’ve heard the phrase “a crowded field of candidates” the past year, and that description is equally applicable to local races now that we are past the official filing deadline. Among the contested races (Republican primary): County Commissioner, District 2 – Steven C. Dillinger and Charlie McMillan Jr.; County Council (At Large -- vote for 3) Ralph F. (Rick) McKinney, Brandon (Brad) Beaver, Sue Maki, Jeff Hern, Steven R Nation, Lyneen Burrow, John Ditslear, and Tony Scott

While “choice” is usually considered a good thing, the jury is out on this upcoming primary election for the race for the seat currently held by Rep. Susan Brooks (Indiana’s 5th Congressional District). To date, 20 Central Indiana residents believe they can do the job – 15 Republicans and 5 Democrats. It may be time to consider a better way to get to November. In the meantime, let the bean suppers and baby kissing commence!
On the Republican ballot:
  • Kent W. Abernathy, former commissioner of Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Andrew Bales, retired teacher
  • Micah Beckwith, pastor
  • Carl Brizzi, former Marion County Prosecutor
  • Allen R. Davidson
  • Chuck Dietzen, physician and founder of Timmy Global Health
  • Beth Henderson, nurse
  • Matthew (Matt) Hook
  • Matthew Hullinger
  • Kelly MitchellIndiana State Treasurer
  • Danny Niederberger, accountant
  • Mark Small
  • Victoria Spartz, state senator
  • Russell H. Stwalley
  • Victor Wakley

On the race’s Democratic ballot:
Watch for OneZone Election Extras in the upcoming weeks, providing members with insight into the candidates and the issues.
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