August 22nd, 2019
Putting Perspective on Current Events
Remember “current events” class in school when you’d break out “The Weekly Reader” and be amazed at what was happening around the world? (Yes, this was before the Internet, grasshopper.) Fast forward to this past week … while area residents have spent some energy debating roundabout art and what fast food restaurant has the best fried chicken sandwich, apparently the Amazon is on fire (the rainforest … don’t worry, you’re still getting your Prime delivery) and Newark, New Jersey residents are dealing with lead-contaminated water. With that in mind … 
Yankee Doodle Dandies . Earlier this week, the Carmel city council introduced an ordinance that minimizes the pre-Carmelfest-parade lawn chair line up to only the day prior, beginning at 6 a.m. The proposal also bans tents, tarps, stakes, tape, blankets and other personal property from being placed in rights-of-way along the parade route. Violators will have to do a July 5 walk of shame to the Carmel Street Department where impounded items will be stored until pick up. The ordinance now heads to the land use committee for further discussion and, of course, the public will have a chance to weigh in (somewhere other than social media). 
Choo Choo Ch’Boogie . The Louis Jordan classic might make a good theme song for the excavation crew working the Nickel Plate Trail. Last week, the removal of tons of steel and wood railroad tracks began in advance of the corridor's conversion to a 22-mile-long paved trail. The first segment to be built will be the 4.5-mile segment in Fishers, beginning later this year. So, take me right back to the track, Jack.
The Bestest is Safest (x2) . Chalk up another “best” accolade for Carmel as the city has been named “Best Place to Raise a Child in America.” Also in the top five is Hamilton County neighbor, Fishers. The two were the ONLY two cities in Indiana to make the list. The accolades coming from , based on an analysis of numbers and statistics from the FBI and other sources that detail matters of safety, graduation rates, sex offender stats, violent crimes and property crimes. Some rather remarkable news, according to the report: Despite public sentiment that it’s a bad, bad world out there, and your kids can’t bike across town or be out of sight without a cellphone, your children probably enjoy lower crime levels than you did growing up. Statistics from the FBI show that violent crime in the United States has fallen 49% since 1993, and property crime has also decreased 50% during the same period.