No Time for Time Outs
It’s Super Bowl 2020. That means you may actually be considering the vegan “chili cheese fries” and a kombucha replacing your brewski. Maybe you’re just crazy and have a couple of hard seltzers on standby to get you through a day without your beloved team and over-priced advertising. Nonetheless, it’s been a busy week legislatively and politically, so without further ado or a coin toss, here we go. 
Faster Than an NFL Running Back. Indiana’s state legislators have been running the 50-yard dash through this “short session.” For instance, on Tuesday the Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy committee heard 21 bills before noon, including SB 350 , authorizing counties and municipalities within the Indy metro to establish a central Indiana regional development authority. That one passed out of committee (with an amendment to apply to ONLY to Central Indiana) and has bipartisan support; Sen. J.D. Ford has signed on as a coauthor. Other OneZone Legislative priorities are also moving through the process. SB 1 moves the smoking age from 18 to 21. The bill passed the full Senate by a vote of 38-9. The House companion legislation, HB 1006 authored by Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer (R-Indianapolis) also passed the full House this week by a vote of 84-14. And it appears SB 246   (ensuring mental health services be available to students from a community partner prior to the school corporation applying for a school safety grant) is heading to the Senate and will be sponsored in the House by Rep. Tony Cook (R-Cicero) who had offered similar legislation to the house. As today is the deadline for bills to emerge from committee, stay tuned for next week’s halftime report of yays and nays.
Who’s Running? And Who’s Not? With much attention turned on the national political stage, we’ve got some pretty big races right here in our own back yard. Take for instance, the three at-large seats for the Hamilton County Council. A total of seven candidates have formally filed – including recently retired Noblesville mayor John Ditslear – and more may possibly enter the race. Other Republican candidates include: Brad Beaver, Lyneen Burrow, Jeff Hern, Sue Maki, Rick McKinney, and Steve Nation. Meanwhile, amid much speculation, former Indiana State Senator Mike Delph announced that his name won’t be on the 2020 ballot for the 5 th Congressional District – or anything else including GOP committeeman or state delegate. Candidates who have officially thrown their hat into the ring include Dems Jennifer Christie , Christina Hale , Andy Jacobs and Dee Thornton . Republican primary candidates include Kent Abernathy , Andrew Bales , Micah Beckwith , Chuck Dietzen , Beth Henderson , Matthew Hook , Jeremy Miner , Kelly Mitchell , Danny Niederberger , Mark Small , and Russell Stwalley . And yes, others in the wings leading up to the February filing deadline. Stay tuned.
NOT Just for Kids . In a vibrant, growing community, there are times when the aging portion of the demographic spectrum feels passed over. So, a Thursday shout out to the City of Fishers for proactively planning for 2040 when its over-60 population is anticipated to more than double its current status. An “Age-Friendly Action Plan” addresses accessibility, transportation, housing and social participation opportunities. To read the about the plan and continuing community involvement, click here