Three for Thursday … The Award Edition
For our final edition of “Three of Thursday” in 2019, we thought it only fitting that we issue a few award-winning efforts (or not so award-winning efforts) during the year. We’ll be back January 9 with your updates on the policy and politics that impact your business. Now … the envelopes, please.
Best New Developments – We call it a tie between Fishers’ The Yard and Carmel’s Midtown, both coming into full bloom this year with more openings to come in 2020. Both of these multi-use developments are textbook “new urbanism” with walkable blocks, housing, shopping, and open public spaces.
Best Legislation Passed in 2019 – Hate Crimes Legislation – while it didn’t include everything OneZone wanted, it was a step in the right direction in promoting our state as an inclusive place to live, work, and play. Runners up: more alcohol permits for our growing community. And a special category for “Best Legislation that Went No Where”: HB 1004 school safety legislation. In the words of Arnold, “We’ll be back.”
Miscellaneous Awards:

  • Best County Effort – Expanding the animal cruelty ordinance to reflect what our citizenry expects when it comes to protecting animals.

  • Best Creative Writing Award  -- The Fishers Fire Department social media manager. This guy is ALMOST as witty as the “3 for Thursday” missive. (It’s good to know there’s a back up, just in case…)

  • Best new holiday tradition – A Merry Prairie Holiday featuring the creations of Reynolds Farm Equipment

  • Missed Opportunity Award – Anti-Smoking legislation died in the 2019 session (though there are hopes it will fire up in 2020). However, it looks like Congress is gearing up to pass smoking legislation to increase the age to 21 … perhaps before Indiana can get it on the books.

  • Best Development for Tech – The establishment of the Indiana Technology and Innovation Association to promote policies that will help grow this important sector to our community.

  • Best Local Wins – a tie between the passage of Carmel’s School Safety referendum and Hamilton County’s cities and commissioners passing a tax to fund 911.

  • Most Disappointing Performance by a Constituency – 2019 Voter Turnout for the Primary. We can do better people.

  • Transit Award – Happy to report the Red Line has made it to 96th Street. Meanwhile, there is no truth to the rumor that the Nickel Plate Express will be launching a Gladys Knight and the Pips excursion and calling it the “Midnight Train to Atlanta.” But stay tuned.