November 7th, 2019
Election Redux Leads to ’Tis the Season (FaLaLaLaLa)
Now that we are passed the first Tuesday in November (more on that later), we are set to recognize the “11 th hour of the 11 th day of the 11 th month” denoting the date in 1918 that marked the end of World War I. Initially known as “Armistice Day,” we now celebrate Veterans Day as a national holiday. Locally, several opportunities to say “thanks” to all veterans including annual ceremonies in both Carmel (set for tomorrow fyi) and Fishers (where they are offering the opportunity to buy a brick to honor a hero in Liberty Plaza walkway. 
The Color Purple . You’ve probably heard by now that last Tuesday’s election held a few surprises for Hamilton County and beyond. While certainly a Republican majority remains intact, for the first time … ever … Carmel residents elected a Democrat to City Council while Fishers elected two Dems to City Council. Zionsville elected a mayor with a “D” … and even the hometown of Mike Pence (Columbus, Ind.) now has a majority of Dems holding City Council seats. While one local political pundit attributed the shift to “more apartments,” considering both the newly formed council seat in affluent West Carmel as well as Zionsville, it’s more likely a higher turn out by younger professionals as well as women voters. Meanwhile, Carmel resoundingly passed the first school safety referendum by a substantial margin, but other nearby districts – Center Grove and Danville -- came up short. For more information on how other referenda fared around the state, click here . For the full report of all the winners in Carmel, Fishers and Central Indiana, check in here .
Haul out the Holly . Don’t look now, but the holidays are quickly edging their way into our peripheral view. Um, maybe not so peripheral … nonetheless, we’d like to offer the following: Support your local businesses … from the mom-and-pop small entrepreneurs to “big box” stores, we ask that you make a concerted effort to support your fellow OneZone members with your holiday shopping. Lots of opportunities to get into the holiday spirit coming up, including perusing the many vendors at Carmel’s Christkindlmarkt at Center Green (and purchasing a 2019 “Boot” mug before limited quantities sell out … because who doesn’t want to drink out of a shoe …) which opens November 16. Fishers has added a Holiday Farmers Market at Holland Park that is open every Saturday, now through December 28.
Not-So-Jolly Detours . Nothing says “holidays” like traffic back-ups, but don’t let it detour you from enjoying the season! Lots of resources to “re-route” and several projects that have plagued our last few months are scheduled to finish up in the next few weeks. The Guilford and Main Street project is slated for a mid-December completion. And, in the “thought-this-would-NEVER-get-finished” category, the Keystone and 96 th Street roundabout construction is also nearing the goal line. Click here to get the rundown on current projects (and, it’s okay, give a little clap for those marked “completed”). Likewise, traffic is moving on 116 th street through downtown Fishers now that sewer work is complete while 126 th and State Road 37 will remain under construction a good part of 2020 for the SR37 Road project. You can check out completed projects as well as current updates on Drive Fishers .
Plus One . If you’re wondering why the Carmel Police Department is looking like a bunch of Seattle hipsters, they are raising awareness about cancer by participating in “No Shave November.” Chief Jim Barlow has relaxed the department’s grooming standards regarding facial hair for employees who participate. This year’s fundraising goal is $6,000 to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For more information, click here . The fundraising campaign will conclude with The Great Shave Off event at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 1 at Main Street Barber, 41 W. Main St., Carmel.