August 15th, 2019
Where All the Children are Above Average …
Channeling our inner Garrsion Keillor, it was a big week in Lake Woebegone as all the “above-average children” returned to school. Pumpkin spice lattes can’t be far behind. In the meantime, have a sparkling water and enjoy 3 for Thursday.  
Pay to Play. While the jury is out on who overlooked the fact that a $300,000 sign installation on State Road 31 had “Westfield” for both the north AND south sides of the steel structure, the Carmel Board of Public Works voted last week to pay $64,125 to change “Westfield” to “Carmel” for southbound drivers to avoid confusion. Because the sign is in Carmel, the City did approve the renderings provided by the City of Westfield which showed all sides of the signage; however, Carmel officials contend they had no idea that “Westfield” would be both welcoming and bidding motorists adieu. Now, all is well … blessed are the peacemakers and the sign makers. 
Supersize the Downsize. Raise your hand if you know someone who thought they’d “downsize” their big family home into a smaller footprint – and presumably a smaller price tag and monthly payment. To quote Rocky the Squirrel, “Gee, Bullwinkle, that trick NEVER works.” At least not in Carmel, according to the Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development, which points to median home prices for new construction and existing homes that are $100K-plus more than neighboring communities. Definitely not good news for Carmel’s aging population – more than half of which is 65 years and older. 

Introducing One-on-OneZone . In a continuing effort to provide our members with insight into policy matters that impact their business, we begin a new video series, “One-on-OneZone.” This installment features OneZone President Mo Merhoff sitting down with Rep. Donna Schaibley, District 34, as they look forward to the 2020 gathering of the Indiana General Assembly. A special thanks to divvy who provided the location.
PLUS ONE: Stay Informed . Fishers recently released an update on State Road 37 improvements which kick up this month, starting with the intersection at 126th and 37 followed by 146th St., 131st St., 141st St., and ending with 135th St through 2022. This project will eliminate the intersection stoplights on SR 37 and allow cars to ‘go over,’ via on/off ramps. The good news? (other than it will be finished in three years?) State Road 37 will be OPEN during all phases of construction, with two northbound and two southbound lanes open during each phase of construction. There will be closures on side roads with alternate routes always accessible. Follow the progress at