Issue: 2015 #5                                                        December 7, 2015

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Sunset at Angel Valley


Ongoing Transformation

We are entering into the Holiday Season,
a time of Love, Gifts, Giving, Receiving, and Gratitude.
When we receive a gift wrapped with colorful
Christmas paper, we normally have no idea as to
what we have in our hands until we open it.
For us, 2015 has been a year of opening and sharing
the bountiful gifts and benefits wrapped within
We have come to fall in love with 'THE UNKNOWN',
even when it is uncomfortable, sometimes painful,  and sometimes wishing we would have received a different gift. However, the gifts we have received cannot be returned, they cannot be traded in for something different.
We choose to embrace them and to see them
as coming from Our GOD Self/Divine Providence.
We believe that all we have received and will be receiving
is serving our highest good and
will benefit all with whom we touch.
Angel Valley is open and fully functioning
for Individuals desiring to spend
a few hours or  a few days,
 and for Groups desiring to have a day experience.

Lyra's birthday gift for Michael
Angel Valley on TV

End October a TV crew came from Phoenix
to take shots of the labyrinths and some other places,
and a short interview.

It was aired on November 6. Have a look was went public:  

Couples Workshop

We are excited to announce
a great weekend that is coming up soon.

Cara Marie Petrone, who has been a part of 'us'
ever since she was first here for a retreat in 2008,
has initiated a workshop for couples,
together with her beloved Daniel Posney.

Visit their website
For information and registration, call (805) 729-0515
The Go Fund Me campaign is still on.
We are deeply thankful for all the contributions, 
both financial and in other energetic ways!
If you would like to be part of it, here  is the link:
Love and Gratitude

Light your candles! 

Michael & Amayra Hamilton,
Residents: Lyra, Anastasia, Roby, Nuva,
And Cara Marie, Mary, Luna,  and Cynthia
Angel Valley Sedona | (928) 634-1320 and
13513 Angel Valley Road
Sedona, AZ 86336