Thanks to woodworkers sheltering-in-shops, we at Hock Tools are busy with an almost guilt-provoking uptick in business. Thanks for supporting this small business! 

You may already know that Linda and I still have our offices at home, and the machine room has always been separate from shipping. Until we feel secure, Mark in shipping and Larry in the machine room have different work schedules. We leave messages, talk on the phone or when necessary mask-up if in person. 

I do not like running out of product, but uncertainties because of COVID-19 have created a few supply problems. I apologize if you have been inconvenienced and appreciate your patience. It is reassuring that things seem to be improving in that area, and I am ever optimistic as our suppliers get back to normal, or something close to that. 

Also, although we try to keep our list of workshops on the making, care and maintenance of handtools - especially those that use Hock Tools - and sharpening, we've loosened that little rule to let you know there are workshops taking place online or arranged around COVID-19 concerns. We have listed only a few here. But, if you go online, you are bound to find others. 

Also, look at Herb Kuntz’s new handplanes. Out of the box and out of the park! 

Of course, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.