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Red Garuda 
Online Advanced Certification Course begins, June 1, 2015 
Followed by 5 day advanced Red Garuda Retreat
Next Year June 21 -25, 2016 at Yeru Minneapolis

No matter what level you are practicing, this course will benefit anyone who is truly interested in a deeper understanding of the Red Garuda Practice.  
The Red Garuda practice focuses on healing and transformation: both of ourselves, by generating and receiving positive energies, healing empowerment and protections from the Red Garuda; and of others, by generating the ability and power to transform negativity, disturbances, and obstacles that cause illness.  

The Red Garuda is a complex, multi-leveled teaching. Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche has created a program to allow health care professionals and Bon practitioners to move to an advanced level. 

Yeru Bon Center is offering this advanced Red Garuda course, starting with a 10 month online study program followed by an advanced Red Garuda Retreat June 21 - 25, 2016 . 

The 10 month online course is detail oriented. The course includes a monthly syllabus, videos, a Red Garuda Chat Room, on-line tools to track your progress, and 2-3 scheduled phone calls or skype conversations with Rinpoche to be sure you understand the materials and become truly proficent in your Red Garuda Practice. 

At the 5 day Advanced Retreat, we will use all the materials you have learned online as the base to move forward into the advanced Red Garuda teaching, At the completion of the both the online and 5 day Advanced Retreat, Rinpoche will award successful participants with a certificate signed by both Rinpoche and Menri Monastery. 

Advanced Red Garuda Retreat Fees: (This retreat will be held at Yeru Bon Center, Minneapolis MN) 

 $375 Ten (10) month Red Garuda Online Course 
 $875 Advanced Red Garuda Retreat - Includes retreat, hostel-style housing, meals 

Total $1250.000
To Register click on Red Garuda
Yeru Bon Center
301 E. Lake Street
Suite 201
Minneapolis,  MN  55408
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