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Providing financial support   since 1999 for The Rockbridge Choral Society and The Rockbridge Youth Chorale

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April Birthdays in Music

Sergei Rachmaninoff        4/1/1873

Sergei Prokofiev        4/23/1891

Billie Holiday     4/7/1915

Mark Your Calendars!

April 18, 2017 - Rockbridge Youth Chorale (RYC) Spring Concert with Rockbridge Youth Strings; Lexington Presbyterian Church,
7 PM
Free, no tickets required

April 28, 2017 -
Piano recital,
Jonathan Chapman Cook
Lenfest Center,
Wilson Hall, 8 PM

April 29, 2017 - Rockbridge Symphony Orchestra, featuring Julia Goudimova and Michelle Williams, cello soloists
Trinity United Methodist Church, Lexington;
7:30 PM
   And the Winners Are...   
    The Rockbridge C horal Society closed out its 2016/2017 concert season with Sergei Rachmaninoff's Vespers on April 2.  Our audience came out in force to support the chorus on a lovely Sunday evening and was treated to this beautiful a cappella choral work.  And, all the attendees had a chance to win one of two donated works of art.  Lee and Elizabeth Sauder helped the Friends kick-off this audience appreciation campaign, which we call Art for a Song, by giving us their art.  We then held a drawing and gave it away to two of our audience members who were in attendance.
    Congratulations to long-time chorus supporter and concert attendee Bob Lera!  Bob says he never wins anything.  He can't say that anymore!  He won Elizabeth Sauder's landscape, Spring, oil on canvas, valued at $600.  Our second winner was Lilli Bradin, another long-time audience member.  Lilli wins Lee Sauder's sculpture in wrought iron titled Reclining, valued at $400.
    Thanks to all who attended and signed up to win!  The Friends of the Rockbridge Choral Society and the choruses are grateful to our audiences for their continued support.  Your ticket purchases help us keep singing for everyone.  Keep coming back.  You never know when you might be a winner! 
Saying So Long
        The Friends of the RCS would like to ex pr ess our condolences to the family of one of our long-time s ingers, tenor Gordon Williams, who passed away on March 30, 2017.  Gordon and his wife, Alice, have sung with the
Gordon Williams
choral society literally since its inception, and have remained steadfast supporters and contributors for decades.  Gordon was a singer, violinist, teacher, mathematician, world traveler, proud father and grandfather.  Many members o f the RCS attend ed his funeral service on a beautiful, blue-sky, spring day and sang him on his way.  The Friends is grateful to Gordon's family for designating the Rockbridge Choral Society as a recipient of gifts in his memory.  God speed, Gordon.   
One Fun Thing
       And in that continuum of you can't make this stuff up, here's another one.  A shrimp species that kills its prey with sound was recently given ascientific name - Synalpheus  pinkfloydi.  Yes, Pink Floyd has a shrimp for a name-sake.  This shrimp opens its pink claw and then rapidly slams it shut generating frequencies up to 210 decibels,
Synalpheus  pinkfloydi
louder than a typical rock concert and loud enough to kill small nearby fish.  The inspiration for the name is actually the pink color of this deadly sound claw rather than the urban myth that the band, Pink Floyd, once played so loudly at a concert that fish in a nearby pond died.  It's more likely that the fish perished from a concert-related event which had nothing to do with the loudness of the music.  The event ended with the emergence of a 50-foot inflatable octopus, shrouded in dry ice, from the small lake that separated the stage from the audience.  The octopus was inflated by underwater explosive flares.  The fish more likely died from the dry ice dumped in the lake by the band or the vibrations caused by the exploding flares.
    Synalpheus pinkfloydi joins Elephantis
Pink Floyd
jaggerai, another shrimp species named after Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger.  Dr. Sammy DeGrave, head of research at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History, seems to be the nomenclature guru for naming crustaceans after rock bands.  Rock on!

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