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Jean Sibelius 12/8/186

Fanny Mendelssohn        11/14/180
Frank Sinatra 12/12/1915
RCS 2016/2017 Concert Season -  
Mark Your Calendars!

January 22, 2017 - Vivaldi: Gloria ; Charpentier: Messe de Minuit (Midnight Mass for Christmas);
: Su le Sponde del Tebro
(On the Banks
of the Tiber)
Presbyterian Church,
3 PM

April 2, 2017 - Rachmaninoff: Vespers, aka, All-Night Vigil
Presbyterian Church,
7 PM
Musical Happenings

December 15, 2016  
Music at Noon,
musical offerings for the season, William McCorkle, Organist, Lexington Presbyterian Church,
12 Noon  


We Love Our Loyal Fans!

Liz Gorden and Carl Weaver

           The Rockbridge Choral Society and the Rockbridge Youth Choruses had a rousing holiday concert on December 3! We had a packed house for an audience to help us sing and ring in the season, and as expected, the kids were the stars. We had a lot of enthusiastic feedback from our audience members. It is always gratifying to run into a loyal fan at the store, on the street, or at lunch and hear their praise for the music and the fun. We know that many of our audience attend our Christmas concert every year, and they are enthusiastically embracing the inclusion of our young singers for this holiday offering. We are really hoping this becomes a regular collaboration for all our singers. And we hope our fans will continue to support our concerts. If you enjoy choral music, please help us spread the word. Next concert, bring a neighbor or someone you know who is new to our area. The more the merrier, and thanks for your continued support! We love making new Friends!  
Happy Holidays!

On January 22, 2017, the RCS
              The Rockbridge Choral Society is adding a third concert offering to its 2016/2017 season. In addition to works by Vivaldi and Charpentier, our artistic director has added a brief and splendid cantata from the Baroque era. Believe it or not, one of the most impressively prolific composers of this period was not the more famous of the Scarlatti's - Domenico. It was his dad, Alessandro, who comes down in history as a sort of Italian Leopold Mozart - another famous, respected, and accomplished composer whose son is better remembered today. A notable example of the older Scarlatt's extensive catalog of compositions is his cantata for trumpet and soprano soloist with strings, Su le Sponde del Tebro , aka, On the Banks of the Tiber . Not a typical cantata that we think of primarily for chorus, such as those by Bach, cantatas were more often solo pieces for one singer and a small group of instrumentalists in the Baroque era. This unusual Scarlatti cantata adds a virtuoso trumpet part to the more conventional ensemble of soprano singer, and small string ensemble.
Chris Magee
Christine Glick Fairfied
        The text presents the grief of a male lover over the faithlessness of a female - a theme just as universal now as then. Sometimes the voice and trumpet are in dialogue and sometimes perform as duettists. The emotions of sadness and betrayal are expressed in words by the singer and wordlessly, but no less poignantly, by the trumpet. In Scarlatti's day the singer would have been male, probably a castrato. In our day, the singer is usually a female soprano. On January 22, 2017, our concert will feature the talents of Christine Fairfield, frequent soprano soloist with our group. She will be joined by Chris Magee on the trumpet. For more about Chris
          Do not miss it! Stay tuned for more on our January concert!
Carol Williams is moving to Virginia
Now Hiring - Civic Organist
           That's right. The City of San Diego, CA is on the market for a new Civic Organist, one of only two such positions in the United States. Portland, Maine has the other. Carol Williams, fifteen years the organist on the city's century-old and beloved Spreckels Organ and the first woman civic organist anywhere, is moving to Virginia. When she auditioned in June of 2001 with a live performance on "the Spreckels," she practically ran across the stage and slid onto the organ bench, a bit of showmanship that was a hint of things to come. The search committee, which was looking for someone who could make what Mozart called the "King of Instruments" feel more relevant to a modern sensibility, was thrilled by her flair. And, flair, along with the ability to make the largest outdoor pipe organ in the world sing is what San Diego is looking for in its new Civic Organist. The main job requirement is playing a Sunday afternoon concert on the Spreckels in Balboa Park. Williams has performed everything from Bach to Bowie on that organ. The next Civic Organist has big heels to fill. Interested?  
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