The world is an ever changing place, and to keep up we must be willing to change as well. Technology will not wait for us. Online education and apps not only help us do just that, but also help to make school more portable. Whether you hope to teach your children the Bible or computer coding, or just need someone to teach your teenagers driver’s education, our featured vendors this month are ready to help you get started! What are you waiting for?
Epic Media Partners
EPIC is an innovative, project-based learning and LMS platform that is using media and technology to instill a Biblical worldview in students.
As a homeschool parent, we know that you want to launch faith-filled, Biblical-worldview students to be the next creators and thought leaders of their generation. The problem is that, while you feel called to bring your students to higher standards, most Bible curriculums are lacking, and quality teaching resources are hard to find. 
We get that. Being parents, educators and youth ministers, we fight these same battles. We have a collective 100+ years working with students in classroom, homeschool and youth ministry settings, and have come together to develop the EPIC learning platform.  
Here’s what to do:

  1. Tour the EPIC app to see our media-based, interactive high school curriculum.
  2. Experience EPIC’s expertise for teaching Bible to your student.
  3. Discover the EPIC Learning Management System for tracking and reporting progress of your student.
Prepare your kids for college with a better understanding of God, His purpose and calling, and the Bible’s relevance for their lives. 
Drive Safe Ride Safe

Exceptional Online Driver Training for Your Teen

Drive Safe Ride Safe is on a Mission to Keep Your Teen Driver Alive

Ask any parent about their teen driving expectations and you’ll get a variety of reactions ranging from apprehension to horror-- and rightly so because motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of death for 15 to 20-year-olds in the United States.

As a parent, do you ever wonder if it’s possible to create a smarter, safer young driver?
Our Veteran Crash Investigator and Driving Safety Expert Mike Pehl says, “YES IT IS!”

Mike's unique history as a crash investigator, his authentic approach, original insights, and proven techniques have helped him succeed in creating tens of thousands of smarter, safer young drivers over his career of 20+ years.

He knows your student needs to learn more than just facts and rules. Your student needs practical knowledge and tactical skills to succeed on the roads today.
Since 2010 Mike and the Drive Safe Ride Safe Team have been developing resources for teen drivers.

Today, we are introducing our NEWEST Online Driver Training Modules. Each of these online modules includes critical information that will help your teen develop essential skills needed for a lifetime of safe driving.

To learn more and get a special offer on these NEW Driver Training modules, go to

P.S. We take pride in creating unique resources based on real-world scenarios. We have the deepest respect for our students and their parents. Your safety on the roads is our highest priority.   
Code Wizards HQ

Code Wizards HQ’s mission is to prepare students to thrive in a tech-driven world.

We provide a comprehensive coding education in which young people nurture curiosity, and build confidence while mastering computational thinking.

We are the leading virtual coding school for ages 7-20 worldwide. With a custom course platform tailored for our students, that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, our instructors lead project-based live courses. Small class sizes (max of six) meet once or twice a week and with a year-round approach. 

The curriculum was created with a student-centered pedagogical approach and includes academic, social, and emotional experiences that foster exploration and personal growth.

The courses are structured and designed with consideration for all the elements that bring them to life--students, content, and teachers.

Our four Wizard Levels are a structured continuum which begins with an introductory course series and finalizes with an internship or capstone project that gives students real-world experience.

If students would like to continue their studies with a la carte courses to prepare for the AP Exams, they can do that too!
If you would like to learn more please visit here or contact

*We Offer Group Pricing!*
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