Mid American Studio At Home Dance Class Videos!
Mid American Studio Dancers & Families,

During this time of social distancing, we want to make sure that all the hard work our students have been doing this semester does not go to waste! Please encourage and assist your dancer in continuing to practice at home with the use of these class videos created by their teachers! Each class has a unique video practicing specific steps, technique, step-by-step instructions for their recital routine, and a full run-through with the music! These videos created by our instructors were designed specifically to help each of our dancers stay active and continue doing what they love during this unprecedented break in our normal schedule. We are hoping this will help us remain on schedule for our upcoming Spring Dance Recital performance!
Following the link below will take you to a library of Mid American Studio Dance Class videos on Vimeo. This link is private and the videos can only be accessed through our link, they cannot be found by searching on the Vimeo site. Find your class labeled by class, day, and song title (ex: PreBallet & Rhythm, Monday - Everything is Honey) with your teacher on the cover and get ready to rock your at home Dance Class!

Please fully review the disclaimer below and then click the button to access our full library of Dance & Pom Class Videos. *If you don't see your class video quite yet, ALL videos will be uploaded by the end of the day on Wednesday, March 18th. Just check back later!

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that activities undertaken in connection with Mid American online training and workout programs necessarily involve the risk of injury, up to and including the risk of disability and/or death. By clicking through to the online material, I affirm that I am eighteen years of age or older, and I knowingly and freely accept and assume all risks involved in my participation (or the participation of my minor child or ward) in Mid American online programs, both known and unknown, and whether arising as a result of accidental circumstances or negligence. I release and forever discharge Mid American from any and all liability, whether the result of negligence or otherwise, resulting from my participation (or the participation of my minor child or ward) in Mid American programs and activities and will hold Mid American harmless from all liability, action, claims and demands of every kind and nature which may arise from or in connection with any participation in programs and/or activities arranged by Mid American, its owners and staff. As used here, Mid American includes Mid American Studio and Mid American Pom Pon.
Print off your DANCE BINGO CARD and play along!

Download and print your Mid American Studio DANCE BINGO CARD here and see if you can fill up all the spaces! This BINGO game will help us all stay active and have fun passing the time during this break from our regular studio classes. Try to fill up all your spaces and bring your card to the studio when we return to classes very soon!
Stay tuned for Recital Updates!

At this time, we do not have any plans to cancel the Spring Dance Recital. Ticket Sales have been postponed to comply with social distancing , but we will keep you updated as we make plans to move forward and re-open the studio. We have been in touch with Novi High School about possibly pushing our performance date back a few weeks, and we will keep you updated as new information is available!

Thank you for your continued support during this very unique situation.

´╗┐Abbie Richardson , Director of Dance
24425 Indoplex Circle, Farmington Hills