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April Fools Day and Night
Living with Lewy Body Disease
by Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA 
Of all the dementia conditions, Lewy Body Disease (LBD) is the most like playing April Fools with someone you are trying to live with. However, this roommate keeps popping up with new surprises that can be funny or simply can be scary depending on where you are in that moment, and what the SURPRISE is this time. LBD creates the greatest sense that:
-   someone is deliberately lying to someone else
- someone is choosing to not do things that
  they can
- someone is being ridiculous about not
  smelling or smelling odd smells
-   someone needs to sleep, and they won't
  versus can't
-   extreme changes in abilities and behaviors
  can happen in moments
- evening and nights can last forever and are
Could it be Lewy Body?

Could it be Lewy Body?

Lauren with a Side of Lewy 
Perspectives of Living with Lewy Body Dementia 
by Lauren U, PAC Core Team 

A few years ago, I was confident and independent. Now I cannot trust my own reality. My judgeme
nt is extremely compromised. I still have my sense of humor but find it difficult to know whether others are serious or joking. It's easier to stay quiet. If you smile, I will try to smile back. If you nod or shake your head, I will try to do the same. If I trust you, it will be completely. That's a lot of responsibility for you.

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H. A. L. T.
by Leslie Carney, LCSW,
PAC Outreach Administrative Coordinator 
Halt. Take a Pause. Step back. These are things we rarely get to do when we are a care partner. Any caregiving situation that involves chronicity can be hard, but being the primary care partner for someone living with dementia can be even more difficult. Even if our loved one is in a facility, and we are not doing the 24/7 physical care, chances are we are still expending a tremendous amount of emotional, physical, and spiritual care energy.
H.A.L.T. What does that mean? Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired. Recognize these words? At various times they may encompass your entire world and it is easy to lose perspective. Dementia and other chronic illnesses can make your life and world feel very small.

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Dinner with Andy Griffith  
Perspectives from a Family/Professional Care Partner
by Aimee Jo Mattson 
Senior Care Professional & Family Care Partner 
I am an experienced executive in the senior care industry; I know how to live in the moment when faced with the challenge of dementia. My mother-in-law (with dementia) moved in two months ago, and suddenly I can't put into practice the wisdom that I've shared hundreds of times in my career. The patient mentor that I am at work, turns into something completely different when I walk through the door at home each evening.
Greet Before You Treat!
Positive Physical Approach (PPA)
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You got it!
You are very aware of what it takes to help a person living with dementia give you permission to help them!
Now, how do you get everyone else 
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The new PPA Cheat Sheet , which includes Positive Physical Approach (PPA), Positive Physical Connections (PPC), and Positive Action Starters (PAS), is the tool you can use to support others to build skill in helping to learn the PAC way - with respect and permission!
Each card is a quick reference guide through:
- the steps of getting physically connected
- ways to get personally connected (PPC)
- options for getting an action started (PAS)

The package includes 25 double-sided cards, each 8"x5" on glossy, durable cardstock.

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Getting to Yes with an Invitation and a Song
by Mary Sue Wilkinson, 
Founder - Singing Heart to Heart
Dorothy was a plump, round woman with a ready smile, a contagious laugh, and a beautiful singing voice. She delighted in anything funny and could always cheer me up by her mere presence. Her sense of rhythm was impeccable and she would bounce in her chair to the beat of the music. Given the opportunity, she would dance.
Dorothy's dementia had not robbed her of language but her conversations were sometimes hard to follow. She drove her housemate Velma nuts when she would go on and on about her dog Sunshine or how she had just been at the hospital or how her son had gotten her special shoes. None of which were fully true in the moment but held kernels of true memories for Dorothy and as such were of great value. 
Keep the Connection
A Meditation
by Reverend Linn Possell,  
PAC Lead Mentor Coach 
We are hard wired to be in relationships with one another. I once read that loneliness increases our odds of dying early by 45%. This does not change when we are diagnosed with dementia. And when one of our family members is diagnosed with dementia, the entire family is affected. We are affected emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Some of this comes directly from the brain changes but some come from the response of those around us. 
A Tribute to Susan Suchan
by Lauren U,  
PAC Core Team
This has been an incredibly sad year for me so far. One of my very best friends, a woman I love dearly, lost her life to cancer and FTD. Susan, I miss you so much. This time without you here has already been far too long and I know it's only the beginning. Every day, often several times a day, I find myself eager to "tell Susan." I think, "Susan is going to love this!," or I calm myself with the knowledge that "Susan and I will figure this out." And then, again, I am struck by the reminder that my Susan is gone.

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Dementia: The Disease of Our Time
A Traveling Exhibit of Great Americans Lost to Dementia
by Deb Selsavage,  
PAC Certified Independent Consultant 

My company, Coping with Dementia LLC, offers  training for both professional and family caregivers. I was trained and certified by Teepa in 2015, and all of our curricula are based on Teepa Snow's Positive Approach® to Care. We are also great believers in Teepa's slogan, "Until there is a cure, there's care."
I spend a lot of my time at free speaking engagements to improve public awareness of Alzheimers and dementia. During 2017 alone, I spoke to more than 60 churches, businesses, and civic organizations with a combined audience of just under 1,600 people. This earned my company a "Health Care Hero" award for community outreach in Citrus County, Florida.

Last year my partner, Ed Youngblood, hatched an idea to build an easy-to-assemble traveling photo exhibit with images and information about great Americans who have succumbed to dementia.   

A Community with a Mission
Highlighting the Work of Bay Bluffs
by Reverend Linn Possell & Leslie Finkley,
PAC Communities Team

Bay Bluffs is a community with a mission. Their mission is to create the kind of culture change that lasts. The Leadership of Bay Bluffs are fully invested in this mission and have a focused and goal oriented plan that includes interdisciplinary support, role modeling, and sustainability. This community is very aware of their strengths and where they would like to try to make changes, which also helped to provide a clear picture of the possibilities for growth. Trying new things is not new to Bay Bluffs. They have been successful before in piloting programs in small areas in order to be able to see what changes may be beneficial before bringing it to the rest of the community. The Leaders of Bay Bluffs have committed to a Six Month Comprehensive Team Training and have made a lot of progress. 

Why Isn't There a Cure or Treatment for Dementia?  
PAC Research Corner  
by Beth A. D. Nolan, PhD,
PAC Director of Research & Policy

A recent Washington Post article outlined some of the issues facing the field of dementia; we will look at these through the Positive Approach® lens.

It's been a tough year in the world of experimental drug research on dementia. On January 8th, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced it was ending its research efforts to develop new drugs for both Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases. The next day, a study published in a leading medical journal, JAMA, reported yet another experimental drug failure. In late September of 2017, Axovant Sciences, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that focuses on neurologic conditions, announced the clinical trial of its investigational drug for patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease (AD) had failed to show improvement for either motor function or cognition.  
April 2018 
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When someone is living in the moment and driven by sensory needs while being victim to sensory intolerance, life is a challenge, having relationships are hard, and getting anything done can seem impossible. This session will help build skills in figuring out what is driving the behavior of the moment and offer alternatives that have potential to flip a switch.
Finding the just right experiences and having options and alternatives available at all times takes a lot out of care supporters. This session will help develop a tool chest and activity box collection to have on hand. You will have to bring your curiosity and flexibility!
In this session, Lewy Body Dementia will be front and center. We will discuss this most missed and misdiagnosed dementia. Part of the session will help to recognize the possible presence of LBD. The rest of the session will focus on strategies to live life with this fluctuating mystery guest.
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