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Teepa is an advocate for those living with dementia and has made it her personal mission to help families and professionals better understand how it feels to be living with dementia related challenges and change. Her company, Positive Approach, LLC was founded in 2005 and offers education to family and professional care partners all over the world. Her goal? Making a mind at a time.
by Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA   

As has been much advertised, music is so often a blessing and a gift when dementia is a part of life. It can offer comfort and connection for both the person living with dementia as well as the person trying to provide support and care.
Music during the holiday season can connect us to old routines and rituals. It can also bring forward old memories and relationships. These can create moments of remembrance and joy or cause feelings of loss and sadness (Sapphire, Diamond, and Emerald states). At some point in the condition, it can also result in time and space travel (Emerald state). A person can actually believe they are in another part or episode of their life and begin seeking out that which would have been present at the moment. For those who live only in moments of time (Amber state), the desire to repeatedly sing, hum, or ask for a certain song, hymn, or rhythm can be frustrating and overwhelming to others who remember it has been sung or played 10 times already (Sapphire, Diamond, and Emerald states). On the other hand, for those living later in the condition (Amber, Ruby, and Pearl states) music and song can be a strong and powerful way to feel the meaning of the holiday without understanding the facts or details around it.
by Linn Possell, PAC Lead Mentor
This is a season when we talk about peace, when we talk about hope, when we gather with loved ones and those with whom we have close connections. This can also be a season that brings stress, expectations, and memories of what used to be. How can we make this season be one of joy rather than sorrow? One way is to set our intentions by being mindful and focusing on what we hope for. Here is a simple meditation to help being your focus to peace and well-being.
Preparation: Take a moment out of your day to be mindful. Find 5 minutes and a comfortable place. Bring your breathing to a slow and steady pace.
Breathe in deeply, hold your breath, and each time you breathe out say to yourself one of the following...
  1. May I be well
  2. May I be happy
  3. May all things go well for me
  4. May I be peaceful
Now take a moment to think of your loved one living with dementia. Hold their image, the sound of their voice, the smell of their cooking or cologne, or feel their hand in your heart. Now breathe in deeply, hold your breath, and each time you breathe out say to yourself one of the following...
  1. May you be well
  2. May you be happy
  3. May all things go well for you
  4. May you be peaceful
The PAC team wishes you well and hopes this simple mediation brings you a sense of well-being, happiness, and peace.
by Jay Joseph Jones, Director, Shared Syndicate

You may have seen a number of recent articles on WHERE DID YOU GO? through our newsletter and social media outlets over the last couple of months. You may also have been wondering, what has this got to do with Teepa? Why should I even care about this film? Both very good questions. This article, along with a newly released piece of media from Shared Syndicate, aims to answer those questions. It's been a wild ride behind the scenes.

These articles have not been random promotion, quite the opposite in fact. Teepa and Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) have been heavily involved with the project since Director Jay Joseph Jones brought his conception to the table in 2014, which was when he personally reached out to Teepa. Since then, the two have formed an understanding and strong bond on the topic of dementia. Through Teepa's knowledge and practice and Jay's artistic capabilities, Teepa became the lead consultant on the film. 

Read or download the complete article 
The 'Making Of' WHERE DID YOU GO?

The 'Making Of' WHERE DID YOU GO?

Where Did You Go? 
A Film by Jay Joseph Jones

In association with: Teepa Snow and Positive Approach®, Dementia Spotlight Foundation, University of Wolverhampton,
Levenson and Associates, GCPA,

and Pines of Sarasota and Educational Institute  
Now that Where Did You Go? has officially begun its film festival campaign, Shared Syndicate needs to raise additional funds to cover the considerable costs involved in getting it out there! (Marketing, submissions, administration, materials, and travel).
We need your support! Many of you were so generous with your pledge to donate last year - but we were not able to collect these donations because the number of pledges did not meet the goal that was set.  As a result, we could not collect, as determined by the fundraising platform's guidelines.   
Please help Where Did You Go? to fulfill its goals and potential, to reach as large an audience as possible!

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