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Teepa is an advocate for those living with dementia and has made it her personal mission to help families and professionals better understand how it feels to be living with dementia related challenges and change. Her company, Positive Approach, LLC was founded in 2005 and offers education to family and professional care partners all over the world. Her goal? Making a mind at a time.
Loving Seems Different When Relationships Change
by Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

As many dementias progress, changes of roles and responsibilities for each person in the relationship can cause stress and distress for both. A statement that people are encouraged to make in counseling is "I love you, but I don't like this behavior" does not seem to help the feelings of frustration, anger, longing, isolation, and loss. Unfortunately, for many forms of dementia, the behaviors are what I am experiencing 24/7 and I lose sight of the person. Here is a short list of things I am not LIKING. Continue 
Learning to Live with a Different Me - The Hardest Relationship of All  
b y Rev. Linn Possell and Lauren Ga Mei U 

Relationships are an important and
integral part of our life. Whether we are extroverts and love a party or introverts and have a few close friends, as humans we are made to be in relationships. I am an introvert with a few good friends.  One of those friends is Lauren, a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse. Lauren has early onset Lewy Body Dementia and has been gracious enough to assist me in writing this article on relationships. Below are her thoughts:

When I am asked about relationships I think about the one that has changed the most as a person living with Lewy Body dementia; that relationship is the one that I have with myself.  I have always been independent, resourceful, and unafraid of change. I have always trusted myself to know what the next best thing was for me to do and followed my own path in life. My identity was closely tied to my vocation as a nurse and I trusted that I was both competent and dependable in this role. I was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and have subsequently experienced changes to my brain. Because of these changes, my relationship with myself has changed. Continue 
Meet the Whitworths  
Living and Loving with LBD
by Helen Buell Whitworth and James A. Whitworth
In our work with care partners, we attended many caregiver support groups in several states. We've heard the stories, heartbreaking and heartwarming, funny and sad and enlightening.

Although group members tend to be more educated about LBD than many doctors, they still find it especially difficult to deal with LBD's hallucinations and delusions, both of which tend to show up lot earlier than Alzheimer's do.
Jim can relate. When his first wife, Annie, developed delusions and became combative, he had no idea how to deal with this and ended up taking her to a hospital emergency room. From there, she was admitted to the hospital and was not allowed to go home. Continue
The Scouts' Stories
Contributed by Amanda Bulgarelli

A Million Hands is part of the mission of the Scouts for 2018. Here, one young girl explains the mission and four issues that they hope to tackle. She works with the group called Dementia Friends in the UK. Notice that the Scouts consistently push for love and acceptance to make the world a more dementia-friendly place. 

In this second video, you will see one scout work with Bear Grylls to explain what Scouts can do to work toward a more dementia-friendly community. She focuses on making connections and looking at the environment carefully. We can use more problem solvers and consultants like her in the world of dementia. 


Finally, watch one of the couples that have inspired these young Scouts and others to keep love alive with dementia. Though it may be different than before, the LOVE is still strong between these amazing people.

Spotlight on PAC Team Member
Jennifer Florence
Marketing and Outreach Developer, Certification Course Coordinator

Hello!   I have been working with Positive Approach for a year and have enjoyed my role in the coordination of Certification Courses.    This is how I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of Teepa's fans and PAC learners.  I am an RN by trade and appreciate the opportunity to bring my medical model experience to the PAC Team.   I enjoy helping learners determine which course is best for their needs and desires in enriching their own program and growing themselves.  I live in Atlanta, Georgia and continue to feel empowered to help change the culture of mind at a time. 

Care Skills Make the Difference
Available in March
"Dementia does not rob someone of their dignity, it's our reaction to them that does." - Teepa Snow
In this compelling, practical, and heartfelt 55-minute DVD, you will witness Margaret, John, Gordon, Bob, Alice, and Edna experience the benefit of the Positive Approachâ„¢ hands on care techniques and strategies.   Observe the acknowledgement, respect, and dignity they receive as you watch and learn from world renowned dementia training expert Teepa Snow. Her demonstrated care interactions will confirm the need and value of learning interpersonal skills to improve standards of care for persons living with dementia. See for yourself why...

...Care Skills make the difference!

PAC Approved Certification Courses

Participants from the January 2016
Coach Certification in Castroville, TX

The PAC Certification courses are designed for professionals working in and around the world of dementia who would like to enhance their own knowledge and skills as well as to help others do the same. While each type of certification course is different, they all carry consistent themes: believing that people living with dementia are doing the best they can, learning practical hands-on skills to aid in the quality of life for those living with dementia and their families, and PAC Mentor support to help you take what you've learned and put it into action.

The Certified Trainer course is designed for individuals who wish to learn to train others in Teepa Snow's Positive Approachâ„¢ to Care (PAC) philosophy; providing dementia related awareness, knowledge, and skill development in a classroom, community, or support group setting.  Education directors and professional trainers are equipped to lead their adult learners through experiential opportunities that ensure high levels of engagement and ongoing knowledge transference.

The Certified Consultant course is designed for individuals who wish to create long lasting and influential relationships with family members and care partners. Building relationships with meaning through the most effective communication techniques are shared and taught to ultimately provide better relationships for the person living with dementia.  

The Certified Coach course provides the education and training to allow the supervisors to connect with staff and team members in a way that connects the roles for improved and desired behavior change around dementia care.   Lead RNs are equipped to intimately and effectively communicate change requests resulting in an improved relationship among staff and leadership. 

Building Bridges One Mind at a Time  
by Dan Bulgarelli

One of the great joys I have in being a PAC Mentor is working with my learners and hearing what they do every day to improve the lives of others. Anne Small, a soon-to-be certified PAC Trainer has given me several stories, but I think my favorite is actually one centered around her husband, Linwood Small.

Linwood volunteers to drive the activity bus at an assisted living facility near his home. Through Anne he has learned many of Teepa's techniques  and philosophies. One day while Linwood was getting ready for an activity he heard from one of the care partners at the facility that there was a new resident. This new resident was a problem. He was cranky, didn't want to go on any activities, he was rude to the staff, and other typical problem behaviors. Linwood could have easily shrugged his shoulders and gone on with his day but he didn't. Instead, he asked what the man did for a living before... Continue

Share your PAC Story Image of opened white note book with a pen, and This Is My Story words written on it

Has Teepa's Positive Approach  made a difference in your life? We want to hear your story! 

World Rocks Against Dementia 
A message from Norrms McNamara

Hello, my Name is Norrms McNamara and i am just one of the founders of the FIRST World Rock Against Dementia (WRAD) event which will be held on March 19th, 2016. We are asking all, no matter where in the world you live, to hold an event which includes any type of music, (not just Rock) and spread awareness of this awful disease whilst doing so.

The beauty of this event is no matter where in the world you hold your event, any monies you may raise because of this, we want you to keep it local to where YOU are and spend it on whatever Dementia charities you want to. It could be a, local memory cafe near you - or you may want to start your own memory cafe. It could be a care home near you. It doesn't matter. We want all the money you raise to be spent how you want to spend it and in your area as we will be doing the same here in Torbay.

Please watch this short video with "Henry" and see the transformation as he listens to music and comes alive! This is why here, in Torbay, we have formed a group called P.A.M.S (Purple Angel Music Society), and click here to read how it was born.
We encourage everyone to hold a music event near you, be it Rock, classical, R+B, Soul, Blues, or Rap. Tell us where it is and we will tell everybody about it. We hope this will be the Biggest dementia awareness raising event the WORLD has ever seen!  Check us out on the web or on Facebook to find out about events in your area and other way to support WRAD.

February 2016 
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PAC Training increases awareness, knowledge, and confidence among care staff and educates resident families.
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Mr. Levenson is partnering with us to answer your legal questions. 

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