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Teepa is an advocate for those living with dementia and has made it her personal mission to help families and professionals better understand how it feels to be living with dementia related challenges and change. Her company, Positive Approach, LLC was founded in 2005 and offers education to family and professional care partners all over the world. Her goal? Making a mind at a time.

by Linn Possell, PAC Lead Mentor
Holidays can be times filled with joy for many reasons, one being that we have the opportunity to participate in traditions. These traditions can be unique to our family, social organizations or groups, and community of faith. Traditions are kept for a reason.

One of the best reasons to keep a tradition is because it fosters a sense of community, belonging, and connectedness. Often we are taught these traditions by our parents or grandparents, elders in our community, or family. So what happens when the people who have held and taught these time-honored traditions begin to experience brain change? Do the changes and difficulties that can come with brain change impact our traditions? The answer is yes if we believe that our traditions must look the same to have the same outcome. But we all know that to help someone live well with brain change also means that those around them must do their best to make the necessary changes to help this happen. Traditions can be extremely important to helping families living with brain change continue to stay connected and promote a sense of well-being within the family unit. This is also the case for social and religious communities. Because, after all, the most significant part of tradition is connectedness.

His and Hers Holidays with Dementia
The traditional gender roles of the holidays
by Amanda and Dan Bulgarelli, PAC Mentors 
No matter where you are from, the holidays bring people together. The celebration and enjoyment level of each group depends on the family dynamics and whether or not everyone feels included in the traditions and activities. With dementia in the family, it can be hard to keep traditions alive exactly as they were before. This is a time to remember Teepa's adage; "I am who I was but I'm different." This November, we are going to take a look from the male and the female perspectives to try to find ways to celebrate and adapt the traditions to make the holidays inclusive and enjoyable for all.


Where Did You Go? 
A Film by Jay Joseph Jones

In association with: Teepa Snow and Positive Approach®, Dementia Spotlight Foundation, University of Wolverhampton,
Levenson and Associates, GCPA,

and Pines of Sarasota and Educational Institute 

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Roles and Reminiscing Without Words 
Using Rhythm and Ritual
by Andrae Ware, PAC Independent Certified Engagement Leader  
Since the beginning of time a woman's role has always been uniquely defined. Some say nurturer, mother, daughter, wife, leader, and the list goes on. So how does this relate to a dementia setting?

Is a female role model the epitome of being a woman today? Society may define it by the level of education, social status, or the amount of success. In a dementia setting I've seen this translate into several different things. The well educated becomes the educator, the well cultured becomes the socialite, and the mother becomes the kind lady next door. The roles beg the question, I am who I was but I'm a little different now, so how do we tap into that without using words, instead using rhythm and ritual?

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August 14-15, 2017:  Orlando, FL 
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March 27-28, 2017:  Dallas, TX 
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June 19-20, 2017:  Vancouver Island, BC 
November 9-10, 2017:  Detroit, MI

  June 29-30, 2017:  Bourbonnais, IL (Chicago) 
August 10-11, 2017:  Davenport, IA 
December 11-12, 2017:  Phoenix, AZ 

NOTE:  All Dates and locations are subject to change

Mary Sue Wilkinson is the founder of Singing Heart to Heart and the author of "Songs You Know By Heart: A Simple Guide for Using Music in Dementia Care", from which this Music Moment is an excerpt. The book includes contributions from Teepa Snow as well as Mary Sue's CD of 18 favorite sing along songs. Buy the book HERE.
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