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January 2023

A Top Question from Students: 

Q: How do I contact my instructor before class begins?

A: A welcome to class email is sent to each student who enrolls in the course. This email will provide the instructor's best way to contact information, and guides on how to log into their course on the first day as well as other information that pertain to the course. 

Technology ~ Awareness ~ Leadership ~ Education

January 2023

The Center of Innovation and Excellence provide recorded sessions from January 2023 Cougar TALES.

Visit Cougar TALES to watch as soon as they are posted!

There is also opportunity to revisit topics from previous Cougar TALES.

The most important item: 

  • From this point on, you will NO longer be able to upload to VidGrid. Any new content will need to be created in YuJa. 


Second most important item:

  • If you have not done so already, PLEASE click on the YuJa icon in Canvas to create your account. If you do not have an account, there is no place to upload your videos. 


Professional development and training on Yuja will be available in the Spring 2023 Term. There are ten basic and ten advanced trainings to choose from. It is recommended that you attend ONE basic and ONE advanced training session. 

Contact: Director of Instructional Excellence - Matt Connell


Coffee & A Good Read

How do Instructors Facilitate Asynchronous Discussions?


As we continue to make outstanding progress with our OER initiative, we are still aiming to build a Low-Cost degree. The current focus is with Barton Online for the AA, AS, and AGS degrees.

This spring The Center of Innovation & Excellence will be beginning a Spring 2023 OER Communication Campaign to invite and further discuss how we can support your instructional goals through the use of OER as we march toward the Low-Cost degree finish line. Please reach out to Megan Schiffelbein or Angie Reed for more information on OER or how you can get started to become OER certified. 

Canvas Highlights

Session Dates

In Canvas, the session dates are set for the actual start and end dates within each course shell. However, student access to courses is extended one week past the last day of the session. This allows students have one extra week to access the course to view their grades. If you have questions, please contact Erin Eggers at

BOLT 101/103 in Canvas

BOL Training, Tips, and Tools is a great resource to refresh about the back-to-the-basics:

  • eCertification Process
  • Administrative Procedures
  • BCC Policy
  • Assessment
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Syllabus
  • Orientation
  • Course Shell
  • Content
  • Learning Styles
  • Substantive Interaction

Questions about BOLT 101/103 please contact Matt Connell at

Find Courses on Dashboard

When looking for your courses on your dashboard in Canvas, if one of your courses is missing, please try the following:

  • In your Canvas account, on the left-hand side of the page, click on Courses,
  • Then click on All Courses; scroll to locate the course.
  • If you would like for the course to appear on your dashboard, please click on the little star by the course name.
  • If you are still unable to located a course after looking in All Courses, please reach out to Erin Eggers at for assistance.