September 23, 2020
Dear Columbus Academy Families,

As referenced in several recent school communications, Columbus Academy is launching the SchoolPass app this year to manage wellness checks in addition to student arrival and departures. The system consists of a web portal, app and license plate readers. The web portal is used to register license plate numbers, arrival and departure information, and any after-school activities (sports or CASE for those already registered for CASE). Once these are in place, you can use the SchoolPass Parent App (or the web portal) to make adjustments for absences, late arrivals, early pickups, etc. SchoolPass will automatically notify the appropriate school offices, faculty members and any others in your carpool (if applicable) about changes to the daily arrival or departure information.

We will be transitioning from the paper Wellness Screening to an electronic version with SchoolPass after this upcoming Monday’s fall holiday, and we are hopeful that this system will enable us to move through carpool more efficiently. We will be activating the online Wellness Screening on Monday, September 28th, and we are asking families to use the app as much as possible starting on Tuesday (though we will still accept the paper Wellness Form next week). Then, starting on Monday, October 5th, we will no longer use the paper Wellness Form. We appreciate your patience as we transition from one system to the other.

For those who have not already set up accounts, you will receive an email from SchoolPass (at the same addresses you are receiving this message) in the next day or two inviting you to log into the web portal.

Once you have received the SchoolPass email and logged in:
  • Follow the prompts to enter license plate info and then go to your “Home” page.

  • Verify/Add Drivers: one parent/guardian is listed as “Parent 1” and, if applicable, the other is listed as “Parent/Driver” with the only difference being that the person logged in as “Parent 1” can add additional drivers in the web portal. Both can use the app to make daily changes as necessary.

  • Arrival Defaults: if you click “Update Defaults” under your children’s names, you can see the defaults. For all students -- except bus riders -- the arrival default is “Carline.”

  • Departure Default: you also can see the “Departure Default” here. It will also default to carline (unless you are a bus rider). If you are already enrolled in CASE, it will still say carline, but you should see “Moved to CASE” under “Carpool Information.”

  • Sports: if you have a MS or US student involved in Sports, use the “Make Changes” options on the far right to select “Move to Activity” and select MS or US Fall Sports. You will follow a similar procedure for Winter and Spring Sports once those seasons begin.
  1. Select student(s)
  2. Pick the activity
  3. Select "Done" which moves the student to Sports for the remainder of the season, but families can always make changes at any time.

If you see any errors with bus riders or CASE enrollment, please notify Admissions (for permanent bus changes) or Special Programs (for permanent CASE changes). Individual, temporary changes can be made by families in the app or web portal.

The upcoming introductory email will have additional information to help familiarize you with SchoolPass, and many of your questions will be answered as you review the material, but each division office is ready to assist you as needed.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions after you review the materials, please do not hesitate to ask.