Dot-Com to Table: E-Commerce and Groceries
Luth Research conducted a survey using ZQ Intelligence, our cross platform digital measurement software, to analyze the behavior of a typical consumer interested in purchasing groceries online. Read our recent blog post to explore the findings on this emerging digital industry.
Luth Research Celebrates 40 Years
July 21st marks our 40th year in business and we couldn't be more grateful for our wonderful clients and our dedicated team at Luth.

In 1977 Luth Research started out with one phone for phone interviews and conducted face to face surveys by going door to door. Luth has now evolved to offer digital behavior tracking and DIY access to digital data. Our CEO, Roseanne Luth, states she is not content to rest on her laurels. On the contrary, our team at Luth will always look for ways to explore new digital tools, platforms and methodologies that will improve and enhance the most accurate market research.

See our latest infographic detailing how Luth Research has evolved over the last four decades.