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July 2020
Dear Electronics Colleague -
This summer will certainly be different, and one to remember. I suspect many of us will be staying close to home, traveling in our cars as part of an old-fashioned road trip vacation. Some of my friends are taking to camping or renting an RV as that they make sure  to maintain social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing as part of the trip. Many of us, myself included, are staying close to home working on "fixer upper" projects like decks and patios. 

Wishing all of you the best this summer!
Dan Patten
Soldering a Wire into a Gold Cup
NEW Instructional Video
Students are taught how to strip wire, tin wire strands, form the wire bundle, and insert and solder it into a gold cup in this new instructional video from BEST. This sequence is taught in person during a typical  IPC J-STD-001  certification class as well as BEST wire and terminal soldering classes. 
This new  instructional video is a good tool to use to augment your live demonstrations if you are instructing others. See this HD video below or the many other free soldering method clips on our YouTube channel.
Soldering of a Wire to a Gold Cup 
Soldering of a Wire to a Gold Cup
Online IPC Training Schedule Released
Due to increased demand for its online IPC classes BEST has solidified an online training schedule. This training schedule will allow you to schedule an IPC online certification training class through the end of 2020. The classes listed in this schedule are skills based classes including IPC-A-610, IPC-A-620, IPC-A-600 and IPC-6012.  All can be completed using online instruction as well as online proctoring. Classes where hands-on skills are being taught can have the theoretical portion instructed online with the hands-on skills demonstration having to be completed in person.
Schedule your class today by contacting JL at 224-387-3256 or via email JL@solder.net 
See the complete schedule here.
SMT Prototype Stencils
BEST Inc. can service your SMT prototype stencil requirements. If you are in need of an accurate and professional laser cutting service for metal stencils, BEST is your source.  We have the proven knowledge and experience for your prototype stenciling needs. Each metal SMT stencil is fabricated using high quality stainless steel.  It is   able to  dissipate the heat generated during the laser cutting process, enabling it to retain stencil to board co-planarity. This high grade stainless steel has a superior grain structure allowing  the best possible release of the solder paste from each aperture. Each stencil has folded up flaps in order to prevent the solder paste from being smeared to other areas of the PCB. Call Chris @ 224-387-4302 or via email
LASER Product Marking
If you are in need of marking components, housings or other assemblies BEST can provide laser marking services for your products. Metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials can be marked by the various lasers at BEST. Text or images can be laser inscribed to indicate serial numbers, model numbers or lot codes. Laser marking is a permanent marking scheme that can withstand handling and further manufacturing processes without being disturbed. Laser marking can also be used to mark items which dimensions are very small as the laser scribe line can be focused down to less than .001" (0.025 mm).
Contact Laura @ 224-387-3255 or via email LRipoli@solder.net 
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