FREE | 3:00 PM

  • What are the priorities and key standards for the provision of special education services for the remainder of this school year, and what questions can we anticipate going forward into the summer and the 2020-2021 school year?

  • What are the foundational expectations in the midst of an unprecedented situation and what, if any, flexibility is there in meeting those expectations? 

  • How can we best ensure that we are implementing IEPs to the best extent possible and how might we assess where students are going forward?

  • What are some practical tips and useful resources you can use to support your documentation efforts?

Join us and come away with ideas and resources you can use immediately.

SAANYS CONNECT is a new way to learn and share on the topics
most vital to school leaders in NYS right now:

  • 50 minute panel conversations on current and rapidly evolving topics.

  • Each panel conversation consists of guest experts and SAANYS members. The focus is on sharing experiences and providing you with expertise, resources, and tools you can use now and as our current environment evolves.