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Online Classes Begin Nov. 7th!

The Online Prophetic School is now enrolling for classes beginning November 7th! You have experienced the voice of God in your life - now take a convenient, powerful online course taught by Prophet Russ Walden. In each course you will get a written lesson to study, an accompanying video teaching by Prophet Russ and personal course assistants to help you put into practice what you learn. This Online School is unique and you will be greatly benefited as you learn to hear the Father's voice with accuracy and clarity!  (Be sure to read the testimonials at the end of this message ~ Kitty).

There are 6 courses to choose from with the addition of Course 6 "Prophetic Dream Interpretation".  These convenient, online classes will activate the voice of God in your life as never before! 

Have you ever felt the prompting to prophesy but didn't want to miss God? We can help! When the Online Prophetic School was still on the drawing board 
Prophet Walter Waller
our mentor, Prophet Walter Waller prophesied saying:

"Russ and Kitty - God is using you to DEMYSTIFY THE PROPHETIC..." 

Nothing could be more true. Since its beginning, the Online Prophetic School has activated over 3000+ students in hearing God's voice with accuracy, clarity and power. These convenient, online classes will take you into an immersive, online experience including videos, downloadable PDF's and interactive forums. The material is for all believers because 1 Cor. 14:31 says "all may prophesy..." However, it is amazing and true that many of our students have  gone on to move in full time ministry. Regardless of the nature of your call you will learn to flow in the prophetic and to hear the voice of God for your benefit and the benefit of others. 

Don't forget your free gift! After enrolling, you will receive as our gift, the e-Book version of Russ Walden's book "Demystifying the Prophetic" - one of his bestsellers Isn't it time for you to get activated in the gifting of God? Below you will see the course descriptions including the very affordable enrollment fees, including very convenient payment options for those needing it. Enroll today! 

Online Prophetic School Information: 

In the course descriptions below you will find 6 courses to choose from tailored to fit your experience level. After each course you will receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to advance to the next level. Remember, each lesson includes:

1.) Streaming video teaching by Prophet Russ 
2.) A printable / online lesson to study 
3.) An interactive forum to enjoy as you put what you learn into practice.

CourseDesClasses Begin November 7th - so Enroll NOW

Course Description:
(Due to the digital nature of theses videos, lessons and interactive forums please not that enrollments are non-refundable)
By Install
Course 1
Course 1 - Activating the Prophetic: This is a 6 Week Prophetic Course that will activate the voice of God in your life and train you how to hear the Father's voice and how to share what you hear for the benefit of others. In this course you will be trained in the 3 primary modalities that comprise the practics of hearing God's voice with clarity and accuracy in your life.
Course 2
Course 2 - Propagating the Prophetic: This is a 6 Week that serves to further activate the voice of God in your life and train you how to effectively move in the gifts of the Spirit in the world around you. This includes the practics and methodologies of stepping out in prophetic evangelism. Through this training you will become an effective demonstrator of the power and the Spirit of God that moves through prophetic gifting.
Course 3
Course 3 - Advanced Prophetic Gifting: This is a 6 advanced prophetic course. In this advanced course you will learn additional aspects of prophetic gifting, specifically how to integrate your gifting in the prophetic with churches and other ministries. These lessons will address dream interpretation, and discovering your gifting, mandate and calling. It also involves prophesying to people as a part of the prophetic team of Fathers Heart Ministry and exploring the gift of discerning of spirits. It covers dealing with rejection in the prophetic and accuracy in the prophetic.

Course 4
Course 4 - Prophetic Office: In this 6 week course you will learn aspects of the Office of the Prophet. There are seven levels of prophetic office that you will be made familiar with and have an opportunity to experience. If you are called to be a prophet this course will activate that mantle. Otherwise you will nonetheless experience what prophetic office is like and learn how to support and relate to the prophets in your life. Additionally you will learn about mentoring others, helping others to hear the voice of God for themselves, and different levels of prophetic experience. We will explore prophetic authority and demonstration, higher levels of prophetic function; third heaven prophesying, throne room prophesying, prophesying by Oracle and the International Mantle, i.e. world-wide ruling and reigning. As part of your training you will be prophesying to people each week as a member of the prophetic team of Fathers Heart Ministry.


Course 5
Course 5 - Prophetic Counseling: A 6 week course on Prophetic Counseling. In this course you will learn how to counsel people prophetically. Prophetic counseling is different from pastoral counseling. As a pastor you deal with people's problems. Prophetic counseling speaks to the individual's potential. Prophetic counseling takes up where other forms of counseling leave off. It is a tremendous tool of personal breakthrough that you will be intensively trained to function in through Prophet Russ Walden. We HIGHLY recommend that you complete courses 1-4 of the Online Prophetic School before taking this course (your option).
Course 6 - Dream Interpretation: (8 wk course)
Dream interpretation from a prophetic and biblical perspective is one of the most powerful breakthrough tools in a believer's life. Prophet Russ has taught on dream interpretation for 30 years and interpreted 1000's of dreams. Hearing from God in your dream life is one of the most accurate and reliable ways to receive direction, correction and clarity on what God is saying in your life.
Courses 1-6
Get the DREAM COURSE FOR FREE! Here's how:
Enroll in the full course(s) currently available as listed above and the Dream course is included FREE - at a discounted amount reflecting at right a $250.00 savings in total.
 $125wk / 4 wks 


Send FUNDS to:

Father's Heart Ministry
P.O. Box 1915
Branson, Missouri 65615

(Be sure to note which course(s) 
you are enrolling in)

Please Note: While Enrollments are NON-REFUNDABLE, if you find you need to reschedule we will cheerfully work out getting you in a more convenient rotation at a future time.


Terry Lynn S. Missouri, USA ~ I believe what has made your prophetic course life changing for me is, we learn by doing. We not only read the lessons and watch the videos. We put into practice what we are studying. And what a world of difference that makes!

Cheng Z., Connecticut, USA ~ This class helped me to get more close to Jesus. Helped me to understand God's word more. Thank you so much.

Marla J.,  California, USA ~ I took Course 1 and plan to do Part 2 soon. The course helped me to grow more in my relationship with the Lord. It helped to promote more intimacy with the Father. I always felt He was afar off, but this class helped me to experience His nearness and His desire to talk to me. The Practice Lessons were excellent because they provide an opportunity for you to apply what was learned.

Gladys P., Alberta, Canada ~ For me, it did away with the lie that 'I can't hear God' and now I hear him all the time... It gave me confidence to speak prophetically and to use the gift that God has given me...

Lisa M.,  Norway ~ The practical aspect of the course really challenged me to press into God to get prophetic words for other group members. The weekly teachings helped demystify hearing God's voice and exposes the myth that only select, appointed people are gifted with prophecy and generously invites all of God's children to hear His voice and prophecy. It also sheds light on the confusion between Old and New Testament prophecy.

Derrick T., Ghana ~ This course has given me the courage to speak the deep mind of God to people. My ministry has benefited greatly through this course. God bless Prophets Walden.

Amanda F. Manitoba, Canada ~ I am in the 3rd internship now. When I took the 1st internship, I was recovering from a broken relationship and this internship helped me to reach God in ways I had never been able to when I had been emotionally healthy. This course has completely changed the direction of my life - I'm now in a Spirit filled church, I'm the house prophet there and train my own class in prophecy. If you want to see your life drastically change and be truly lead by the Spirit, take the Fathers Heart Ministry Internships!

Ava E. Florida, USA ~ This course has sown into my Spirit, an integrated boldness. I'm now confident in hearing the voice of The Lord. Thank you so much!!

Christie M. Texas, USA ~ I LOVE this program because you receive very comprehensive teachings for each specific gift that you don't see in other ministries. I'm grateful that Prophets Russ and Kitty have sacrificed so much to empty out of themselves and pour into others. This training is priceless!!!

Hannah W. South Carolina, USA ~ I have taken the Internship course 1. It has been a really good experience. I enjoyed the course, everything I learned and the members I prophesied to and received words from. I now have a good understanding of the Prophetic and am very thankful for all God has revealed. After the course, it was revealed that I will have a prophetic healing ministry after nursing school.

Karen N. Georgia, USA ~ I am so thankful for this class - it has helped me to better understand and treasure this gift. I have so appreciated the opportunities to encourage others through personal prophecy. The positive atmosphere of the entire forum has been a godsend to me. Would like to meet my "classmates" someday in person. Hope to see the Waldons in Atlanta at upcoming event. They are special!

Salome B.,  Denmark ~ This course has given me courage, strength, boldness and prophetic insight. I´m still taking course 1 and I want to finish all 3 courses because it benefits me, and the people around me. I´m so grateful to Terri and prophets Russ and Kitty for all they are doing at Father´s Heart Ministries and I pray that more people will take the Prophetic Internship Courses at their ministry.

Cynthia B.,  Louisiana, USA ~ 
These Prophetic Courses have literally Catapulted me into My Destiny! I can NOW clearly hear God's Voice for myself WITHOUT doubting it's really Him speaking to me. The Lord also gives me Prophetic Words for others. Thank you Prophet's Russell & Kitty Walden for your Love and Dedication to the Body of Christ for Activating the Voice of God in us. Your Reward will be Great!
Enrollment now open! 
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