Pyramid Retreat January 2022


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Online Pyramid Retreat

Walking the Path...

A conscious journey to raise our vibrations with the support of 8 powerful Pyramids around the world

10 sessions – every other week from January 31 to June 6, 2022

In this deeply transformative time, we invite you to elevate human consciousness based on the principles of love, truth and freedom. Join us in this unique journey combining heart-centered energies with the amplifying radiance of the Pyramids to manifest a more balanced and humane world for all life.

The journey starts within, emerging from the darkness of the cave inside the Earth to connect with the wonders of nature. We will walk through a sacred chakra path to align and purify each of our main energy centers, connected to a specific Pyramid around the world. Once we have completed the chakra path, we will undergo an ancient water ceremony before we connect with the 8th chakra; the sacred heart that vibrates with unconditional love. This preparation leads to the unified field that is energized by the powers of all participating Pyramids forming a powerful transformative Grid around the Earth.

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Walking the Path...

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Essential Information


In the course of 10 sessions, we will make an online, conscious walk through each of the chakras on the chakra path and the sacred heart to come together in the unified field connected with the Pyramid grid and its Earth Leylines in the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Russia, Bosnia, Canada and Guatemala.


  • To raise our vibration – individually and collectively – by walking the initiation retreat path in alignment with the Pyramid’s Earth Grid.
  • To deepen the connection with our heart’s qualities: love, unity, compassion, peace, healing.
  • To activate unity and oneness; birthing a new humanity within and around us.


  • Connecting with the different Pyramids and their purpose in 
  • the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Russia, Egypt, Bosnia, Canada, Guatemala.
  • Understanding the deeper meaning of each chakra and its related energies
  • Guided Meditations and specifically designed sounds to align each of the Chakras
  • Activating of the Sacred Heart Portal
  • Co-creating the unified field connected to the different Pyramids
  • Contemplative material in between the sessions


  • Recorded replays to review in case you missed a session
  • Written study information about each chakra
  • Contemplative material per session
  • Recorded guided meditations & sounds per chakra
  • Videos showing energy exercises to practice


Live: 10 Monday sessions 

January 31, February 14 and 28, March 14 and 28, 

April 11 and 25, May 9 and 23, June 6 

Also available afterwards through replay


20.00 – 21.15 CET (Paris) 

2:00pm – 3:30pm EST (New York)


English / French


222 Euros per person (*)

This fee is meant to both cover the costs of the online retreat and to support the Pyramid for Light Foundation, its ongoing maintenance and repairs. 

For those who wish to join but face financial difficulties, feel free to connect us for a reduced fee ([email protected]).

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