December 2017
Dear Friends,

All of us at City Kitty want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have so enjoyed seeing all of you this past year, old clients, new clients, and old clients that have a new cat added to their family. Some of you had cats with us for years that have transitioned on, but not in spirit. I sometimes forget people's names and sometimes their cat’s names but I always remember their little faces. I saw an old client at Costco tonight. As soon as I saw her I saw her cat. Her sweet Sophie has been gone for several years but I saw her face. They leave a lasting impression on us at the salon. They are endearing creatures with such a spirit! 

When I first started the business in 2000, my goals were so much more than just grooming. I wanted to see every aspect of your cat’s life the best it could be. It’s why we love to talk to you about behavior, diet and everything CAT! I think it is what makes us different at City Kitty. We go home still thinking about your cats. And wow, we have some absolutely endearing ones that come in. But even the stinkers we love. They have a lot of opinions! John always tells them to go talk to HR about it! We have a lot of fun on our job and a lot of laughter. 

This season, for some of us, also has a sadness to it for those we have lost. We wish they were still here with us. It’s bittersweet. I think if we can focus on what they brought into our lives and how lucky we were to have been loved by them it can help. This includes the pets we have lost as well. I hope that this year brings you and your loved ones closer. Once they are gone, all the minor irritations or arguments we had in the past seem so trivial. There is nothing more important than having family. Let them know how much they mean to you this Christmas season and start the new year with a spring in your step and love in your heart!

Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Exciting News for You!
Starting in the new year you will have access to our appointment schedule online, and will be able to look in and book your own appointment. This is available for current clients who have been in before. We will be sending you instructions on our new system. Of course you can always call, email or book on the website as well. The same cancellation policy will exist and you will also receive an email or text reminder. I know sometimes we play phone tag as we get so busy in the salon and of course if we are working on a cat we can not answer the phone. We have also had a minor glitch in our email correspondence with some of you, so we apologize for the inconvenience. Please make sure your system does not have a pop up blocker and always check your spam folder. Make sure your email and contact information is current with us as well. 
The Big Bad Fleas
We have had several cats coming in with fleas. Please remember that this is against policy. We do not want to spread fleas to other cats. It is costly for you and time consuming for us. For instance the pre-groom room has to be completely cleaned, trash and vacuum cleaner emptied, mats removed from tables etc. before we can start on the next cat. Your carrier has to be isolated until washed down and the flea bath is extensive. It is $35 extra when we see fleas. $25 for the extra bath and $10 for Capstar so that the fleas will start to die immediately. 

The topical flea treatments are systemic, which means you can put it on them and they can have a bath in 24 hours with no diminished affect of the medication. Did you know the ground has to be 32 degrees or below for 10 days to kill fleas and their eggs. If your cat is going outside or exposed to other animals going outside please treat them every 28 days, the life cycle of the flea. Fleas can cause tapeworms and anemia, as well as affect the overall health of your cat. We recommend Cheristin brand topical flea treatment. It is a newer version of flea treatment and much better than the old brands we know. Fleas have, over the past 20 years, built up an immune response to these older formulas. Any questions please give us a call. 
New Retail
If you have not been in the salon recently, come check out our fabulous new retail. Unique cat beds made in Nepal, new toys, blankets and so much more.
Tips for Traveling with Your Cat
So sometimes cats will howl in the car, usually when you are stuck in traffic. There are a few reasons for this. Motion sickness is one. A good suggestion is a dog car seat instead of keeping them confined in their carrier. The car seat seatbelts in with a small leash that you can attach to guess what? Our custom made cat harnesses of course. I have been traveling with my cats like this for years. They used to scream and now they stretch out, look around or take a nap. And then if you really want to qualify for the “Crazy Cat Lady” trophy you can also get a pet stroller at All the Best pet stores. It’s so easy to take them for walks, or bring them to vet appointments, grooming appointments or shopping. Ok, I lost track…let’s get back to the car seat…(I get so excited about this stuff).

The best car seats I have seen are at Next to Nature in downtown Edmonds. They have all sizes. You can also order on Amazon. It’s called the Snoozer Look Out. The top cover can be taken off and washed but I always put a donut bed or a blanket in. Flower Essences also help calm them down when traveling and we have one at the salon called Travel. It calms motion sickness as well. If a cat is always just confined to the home of course it is stressful to take them out. You should be able to do everything you would do with a dog with your cat. It just takes practice. They enjoy having something exciting to do as well.

At a cat show recently I walked into a bar in the hotel to get a room service menu with my 3 cats in the stroller. I wanted to just say out loud,”Hey this is not crazy here.” I will take my cats shopping and people just love it. I will put jackets on them if they are cold, bows in their hair….ok, I am sounding like crazy cat lady, but what I want you to know is that I have been doing everything from Kayaking, hiking, shopping, road trips and more with my cats for years. It is really fun and I hope you will give it a try!
Best Wishes for the New Year!