Volume 7 | Issue 32
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Since 2000 BCSI has performed hundreds of successful investigations.

Our integrated team of investigators and support services ensure that the investigations are conducted in a timely fashion with leading edge techniques. 

BCSI is considered the platinum standard of the industry based on the quality and the wide spectrum of its services as well as the expertise of the investigators.

Online Shopping Scams
It’s that time of year again. The holiday season brings with it a rise in consumer purchases, and each year more and more of these purchases are made online. While shopping online may seem like a convenient alternative to trekking to the nearest store, this method of consumerism poses a unique set of risks.
Falling Prey
Often scammers will create a website aimed at replicating a well known online store. They will often ask for payment in the form of money transfer or pre-paid credit card, but may even have a payment system that requests your credit card information.  Once you pay you may receive a good that differs greatly from the advertised item, in that they are a counterfeit item or made from cheaper materials that were advertised, or you may never even receive any product from the seller. Also, be vigilant as to what links you click when you are shopping online. Often an offer that seems too good to be true will pop up while you are browsing online. The consumer will click the link to inquire about the bargain, but the link that you just clicked may have allowed a malware to be installed on your digital device. Finally, consumers can take the necessary precautions and make a legitimate purchase. However, once your purchase is delivered and you are not there to receive it, it may be left on your doorstep where criminals will take advantage of this easy target and steal your goods.
Let BCSI Help You
If you were a victim of a scam or if the advertised product you purchased was not the product you received, we can help. Our investigators have the skills and knowledge to investigate your case. Furthermore, BCSI can help you with your home security camera and surveillance needs.
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