Welcome to St Paul's Online Sunday School!
When we can't gather in person at St Paul's, let's learn and play in a virtual way! ( Let me know what you think! You are in my prayers - Linda)
Sunday, April 19 is the SECOND SUNDAY of EASTER!
Here are the readings appointed for this day's Service.
P.S. The link also has these words in Spanish.
"Doubting Thomas" & Peace
John 20:19-31

This is the story of Thomas, one of Jesus' friends. After Jesus died, a group of their friends got together, but Thomas was not with them. The friends were meeting in a locked room, and suddenly Jesus appeared to them! Jesus told them, "Peace be with you." Later, the friends told Thomas all about how they had seen Jesus. But Thomas said that he could not - would not! - believe what they told him, unless he saw Jesus with his own eyes, and touched Jesus' wounds with his own hands.

Now Thomas has a nickname, Doubting Thomas.
What is doubt? Some things are true, even if we can't see them or understand why.

Here's a quick game: Click here for seven true/false animal questions.
Raise your hand if you think it's true; cross your arms if you doubt it.

Do you have a deck of cards? Play the family card game "I Doubt It" - here's a link: https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/how-to-play-i-doubt-it.htm

How do you feel about doubting, and believing? What happens if we doubt?
What happens when we believe?
Make a poster or picture of The Best Things I Know.

Seeing is believing! That's what Thomas would say.
Let's test all our senses: while you're not looking, have someone put an object in a bag. Close your eyes, put your hand in, and see if you can tell what it is by feeling it. Try again - smell it. If it's edible, keep your eyes shut and taste it! If you shake the bag, can you figure out what's inside just by listening ? Finally, open your eyes - and see it! Were you surprised?

Jesus said, "Peace be with you."
Listen to some peaceful music. Have someone write down your favorite songs.
Name some peaceful places. Do you have photos?
Draw a peaceful picture.
What makes you feel peaceful in your heart, your body, your brain?
Start a notebook: My Peaceful Book - for these lists and pictures and ideas. Add to it any time. Keep your book in a quiet place to enjoy whenever you want.
Make peace signs to place in a window for neighbors to see.
Take chalk with you, when you take a walk or play outdoors, and draw peace signs and the words "Peace be with you."
What are other ways to share the Peace of Jesus? Do them :-)
What did you think? What did you do? Send me pictures !

P.S. ALLELUIA! Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is risen indeed!
Welcome to the second of seven "Sundays of Easter"!

I'm sending prayers for your health and well-being, peace, and joy - Linda