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Sunday, July 26, 2020:

Solomon's Wise Choice

The church color for this Sunday is still green -
for many, many weeks!

This one's the eighth Sunday.
Here are the readings:
This week, we're wondering about this Old Testament reading: 1 Kings 3:5-12

King Solomon had a dream, and in it, God said, "Ask what I should give you."

In his dream, Solomon replied to God, remembering how God had shown love to Solomon's father, King David, and telling God that now that he, Solomon, was king, he did not know how to rule well.

He went on to say, he is expected to rule so many people that they cannot even be counted. How could he tell the difference between good and evil? How could he be a good king to all these people, God's people?

So Solomon asked God for an understanding mind.

God, in Solomon's dream, was pleased with this answer. God said, "Solomon, you didn't ask for long life, or riches, or for your enemies to die. You asked for understanding, to discern what is right."

And God gave him a wise and discerning mind!
What would you ask for from God?
Would it be a wise choice?
How would your choice help to serve God's people?
Talk to God, and tell God what you think. Ask! And listen.
Click here for over an hour of relaxing Classical music for sweet dreams. (Watch the owl and sky!)
Write down your dreams! Here is a page to print out, to create your own dream journal . Pre-writers can dictate to a willing writer.

Click here for some easy dream journaling tips. Dream on!
This green, growing season is a good time to learn and to share love!

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How are you? I'm sending prayers for health and well-being, peace, love, and joy! - Linda