Welcome to St Paul's Online Sunday School!
When we can't gather in person at St Paul's, let's learn and play in a virtual way! ( Let me know what you think! You are in my prayers - Linda)
Sunday, May 17, is the SIXTH SUNDAY of EASTER!
Here are readings appointed for today: https://episcopalchurch.org/lectionary/easter-6a . P.S. The link also has these words in Spanish.
Ten Best Ways (to the tune of Frere Jacques) - it's an echo song!
Sing it! And if you care to record it, send me your link .

God gave Moses (God gave Moses)
Ten Best Ways. (ten best ways)
He shared them with us. (he shared them with us)
What do they say? (what do they say?)

(Here they are, all ten ways!) (same tune, 3 more verses!)

Put God first. (put God first)
Worship only God! (worship only God)
No bad words. (no bad words)
Work 6, rest 1. (work 6, rest 1)

Respect your parents. (respect your parents)
Harm no one. (harm no one)
Do not cheat. (do not cheat)
If it's not yours, don't take it. (if it's not yours, don't take it)

Tell the truth. (tell the truth)
Don't want others' stuff. (don't want others' stuff)
These are Ten Best Ways; (these are ten best ways)
God loves us! (GOD LOVES US!)

(1) Put God first. (And last, and in between, too!) Put God first by praying a lot. Say a good morning prayer. Take time to say a grace before meals , even something as simple as: God is great/God is good/Let us thank Him/For this food. And end the day by talking to God at bedtime. Use whatever words are in your heart. Amen!

(2) Worship only God! Remember whose you are, and from where you came.

(3) No bad words. Even at bad times! Here's a funny list of alternate choices . (I'm thinking of going with "Agatha Christie" from now on. Hmm, come to think of it, "Hercule Poirot" could be just right to say when I'm frustrated! - or "Miss Marple"!)

(4) Work 6, rest 1. Having a schedule can be a helpful tool. Maybe you already do something like this daily? Here's this one for summer days. BUT remember: rest 1!!!

(5) Respect your parents. And all elders. Why? Because God says so! They've been around a long time, they have experience , and we can learn from them.

(6) Harm no one . What are ways that we hurt pe ople, ot her living things, our world, ourselves? Let's stop doing that. Here's some ideas for helping out Planet Earth.

(7) Do not cheat. Why do people cheat? How can we help them? What are other ways to get what you want or need? Here are lots of ways to be a good friend.

(8) If it's not yours, don't take it. Sometimes it's hard to be happy with what you have. Stop - and count your blessings . . . count your blessings ! (And make a blessings jar - an easy and wonderful project - so you can watch them grow!)

(9) Tell the truth. Play these games: two truths and a lie (and variations) . I'll start, and to make it harder, here are Four Truths and a Lie about me: I was my high school valedictorian. I have never eaten a Big Mac. I climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I have never broken a bone. My wedding dress cost $99. What's my lie? LOL

(10) Don't want others' stuff. Two words: toilet paper. Let's try to share, to be fair, and not to compare. And - do not fear! Click here for tips on raising generous kids.
What does it all add up to? Following God's Top Ten, Commandments 1-10, with diligence and care, can form these awesome ABCs of good character >>>>

So, dear friends, How are you?
ALLELUIA! Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is risen indeed! Welcome to the sixth of seven Sundays of Easter. Write to me! Send me pictures ! I'm sending prayers for your health and well-being, peace, and joy. - Linda