Welcome to St Paul's Online Sunday School!
When we can't gather in person at St Paul's, let's learn and play in a virtual way! ( Let me know what you think! You are in my prayers - Linda)
Sunday, March 31, is the Day of Pentecost .
The church color for this Sunday is red .
Have a scavenger hunt inside and outside for things that are red!

Here are the readings for Sunday, May 31: https://episcopalchurch.org/lectionary/pentecost-a .

Guess what, even though it's the Church's birthday, YOU get the presents: special gifts from the Holy Spirit!

Jesus promised the disciples - and promised us! - that after he went up to Heaven, he would leave us with the Holy Spirit, who brings special gifts to everyone. These gifts change us!

In Jesus' day, the Holy Spirit arrived in a rush of wind, with something that looked like tongues of flame touching everyone's heads, and the idea of a beautiful dove (the symbol of the Holy Spirit). Suddenly, everyone could speak other languages !

And sons and daughters were prophesying, old people were dreaming, and young people were seeing visions. We are asked to use all these gifts to spread the gospel to everywhere in the world. Our church was born! Happy birthday, Church!

And we receive our gifts! Some people get one type of gift, some another. Here are two songs celebrating you and your gifts from Mr Rogers and Barney .

The Bible ( 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 ) names lots of gifts. What's yours?

wisdom : do you make good decisions? Are you a leader?
knowledge : do you have a great brain? Are you a good learner?
faith : are your steadfast in your love of God? Are you calm and strong?
gifts of healing : do you help living things thrive? Are you a helper?
the working of miracles : is this your amazing gift?
prophecy : do you know in your heart how things might turn out?
the discernment of spirits : do you have this gift?
various kinds of tongues : can you speak so people understand?
the interpretation of tongues : are you good at understanding what people say?

How will you use your gift? Draw your answer here .
How can St Paul's help you use your gift? Tell me !

Make a paper plate dove! Attach tongues of flame if you'd like.
In honor of the Holy Spirit's mighty wind - make a kite! Try this plan .
Pentecost is here - a season of 25 weeks.
Wear something red in honor of Pentecost - take a picture and mail it to me!

I'm sending prayers for your health and well-being, peace, and joy. - Linda