When we can't gather in person, let's learn and play in a virtual way!
Sunday, June 7 is Trinity Sunday! The church color for this Sunday is white; afterwards, it's green - for many, many weeks!

Here are the readings appointed for Sunday, June 7:

This Sunday is a good one for the Godly Play story of Creation : you can watch and listen and wonder by clicking here !

Father - Son- Holy Spirit! Three amazing things that are separate but together, always.Three things that make one thing! What do you think about that?

Here are three symbols:
Father (parent, creator): a crown
Son (child): a lamb
Holy Spirit: a dove
What other symbols might you choose?

What symbols would you pick for yourself, and your family and friends?

This Sunday's Psalm is #8 , and here's a special version, based on the TEV translation (adapted from the blog Worshiping With Children ):

O Lord, our Lord, your greatness is seen in all the world! (big circle with hands)
“This is my Father's (Mother's/Maker’s) world” (hands out) ( sing along now or later)

Your praise reaches up to the heavens; (arms in the air)
Praise the Lord!  (say it loudly! - wave hands)

It is sung by children and babies. (rocking motion with arms)
Praise the Lord! (say it even LOUDER!! - arms out)

You are safe and secure from all your enemies; (hugs!)
You stop anyone who opposes you. (hold out hand to indicate STOP)

When I look at the sky ( sweep the sky with arms)
which you have made,  (look up)
at the moon (form circle above your head with arms)
and the stars (sprinkle the sky with stars with your fingers)
which you set in their places - (pat hands)

What are human beings, that you think of them? (make a questioning gesture)
What are babies and children that you think of them? (crouch low, look up)
What are youth and older people that you think of them? (stand tall, head down)

Mere mortals, that you care for them? (hands out to include all)
Yet you made them inferior only to yourself; (hands at heart)

You crowned them with glory and honor. (make yourself a crown with your hands)
You appointed them rulers over everything you made; (point)
In charge of everything you made (point and waggle finger)
Responsible for everything you made, (clasp hands)

You placed them over all creation: (wave everywhere)
sheep and cattle, (walking fingers)
and the wild animals too; (running and pouncing fingers)
the birds and the fish and the creatures in the seas. (swimming fingers)

Air we breathe and pollute, (take a deep breath)
Food for many - or a few, (lick your lips, rub tummy) (bake Trinity muffins , yum!)
Energy to keep us warm and moving. (cross hands on chest)

O Lord, our Lord, (t hrow hands up toward the sky)
your greatness is seen in all the world! (open arms, then bring hands into prayer)

Amen! (bow head)

There are lots of three-in-one symbols .
Perhaps you could design a new one and share it! I wonder if you could make a three-in-one clay creation or Lego construction - or something?
Here's an interesting video featuring Matroyska dolls!
What about eggs (shell, white, yolk). Or water: liquid, steam, ice? Three-in-one!
Or go on a nature hunt, and look for clover, or three-petaled flowers!
Which three-in-one thing do you like best?

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P.P.S. I'm sending prayers for health and well-being, peace, LOVE - and joy - Linda