When we can't gather in person, let's learn and play in a virtual way!
Sunday, June 14, 2020

The church color for this Sunday is green - for many, many weeks!

Here are the readings appointed for Sunday, June 7:

Click here to watch and learn about the Circle of the Church Year , a Godly Play lesson full of wonder. A circle is a special symbol: no beginning, no end.

Here's a printable calendar of the whole Church year. Color it in - beautiful!
WHITE (and sometimes GOLD ) is for Christmas, Easter (50 days!), feast/festival days, marriages, and funerals. (White is all light combined, the absence of color.)

PURPLE is for Advent (usually purple but sometimes blue - the color of Mary's robe! Some churches choose the lovely colo r rose for the third Sunday of Advent.) and Lent (always purple). Purple is a serious color, the color of royalty.

RED   is used during Holy Week, on the Day of Pentecost, and at ordinations - the bright color of fire, and spirit, and the presence of God.

GREEN   is the color of "Ordinary Time" - the hopeful color of growth and newness.

Ordinary Time is a time to live as a Christian in ordinary, daily life, renewing our faith and growing in all good ways. Sometimes ordinary can be extraordinary!

Ordinary Time comes twice: 1) the Epiphany season - from the Monday after the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord through the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday; and 2) the time after the Day of Pentecost all the way through the Saturday before the First Sunday of Advent - that's the long "green season" of many, many weeks.

And that's the season of the Church year that we're in, right now! Go green!
Which of these colors is your favorite? Why?

If your favorite color isn't among these, when would be a good time in the church calendar to celebrate your favorite color? What would it represent? Tell me!

Especially in June, you may see flags with rainbow colors - honoring pride & love!

P.S. Check our Facebook page for family anti-racism resources. This growing season is a good time to learn and to share love.

P.P.S. How are you? I'm sending prayers for health and well-being, peace, love, and joy! - Linda