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Serving epilepsy patients from Fresno to Monterey to the Oregon border
We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with MyEpilepsyTeam , a free social network for those living with epilepsy.

MyEpilepsyTeam is a free, password-protected  social network where you can  connect with others in the epilepsy community on your phone, tablet or computer. You can share tips, support, Q&A, provider referrals and more with other people who "get it".

  • MyEpilepsyTeam is a completely independent social network. It is not controlled by any pharmaceutical company or any other organization.
  • MyEpilepsyTeam NEVER shares the personally identifying information of its members with anyone!
  • MyEpilepsyTeam is a monitored site that does not allow selling of any services or products. Also, members of the community are given simple features to report inappropriate content (posts that sell products, or solicit for fundraisers or research - all of which are prohibited).

MyEpilepsy team is managed by MyHealthTeams, an independent, venture-capital backed, mission-driven company based in San Francisco. They believe that if you're diagnosed with a chronic condition such as epilepsy, it should be easy to connect with others who share the same diagnosis and who understand what it's like to live with that condition.
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