March 19, 2020
Online Teaching Strategies & Tools 3
It's Official
Let's make it happen!

Hello, Ciao, Howdy,

Okay, its official we are going to complete the Spring 2020 semester teaching online. The Provost - Bob Albert has sent out a message that provides information on instruction, advising, and resources available from our DEID folks. Let's give a round of applause for the dedicated, knowledgeable, professional and caring folks of DEID - David Flora, Xavier Scott & Jing Zhang!

Today, I'm sharing some information from our IT world on "Remote Work", additional resources on online teaching, student online learning and some information geared to Arts based classes.

Remote Work Information provided by IT:

Take a look at this link offered by Inside HigherEd in an article by Colleen Flaherty

The Chronicle has put together an Advice Guide on "How to be a Better Online Teacher" that provides 10 Essential Principles and Practices for teaching in the online environment. Take a look at the article by Flower Darby:

Our own Julia Finch has provided a source for those in Arts based classes that can be used to address teaching and learning in numerous areas. Here is the "Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections offered by MCN:

If you have resources, practices and goodness to share, send an email to

Student Learning:
Here is a google presentation put together by Dr. Caleb McDaniel and Dr. Jenifer Bratter/Rice University on "Tips for learning during disruption". Have a look

Okay, that's it for this issue. Have a read, ruminate on the material, write down some thoughts, communicate with others, make a plan and then work to make the plan happen.

As you know, I'm here to help the cause so if you need assistance, need to chat, or want to share some resources, don't hesitate to reach out.

Let's continue to communicate

Blackboard Buzz
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Magna (Online) Webinars
24/7 Professional Development for Faculty
Featured Webinar:

Online Student Engagement
In this webinar you will get information on the following:
  • Five Tips to Engage Students Outside of the Online Classroom
  • Online Discussion: Practices to Boost Learning & Engagement
  • Online Learning that Lasts: How to Engage & Retain Students
  • Designing Online Learning to Spark Intrinsic Motivation
  • Five Ways to Improve Interaction in Your Online Courses
  • Beyond the Discussion Board: How Can I Engage Online Students?
  • How Can I Encourage the Growth Mindset with Three Simple Tips?
  • How Can I Keep Students Engaged with Instructor Presence?
  • How Do I Create Engaging Threaded Discussion Questions?

Accessing Webinars:

These licensed Magna resources are available through a password-protected website. For access, faculty need to:
  • Log into MSU’s employee portal;
  • Look under the My Classes (Blackboard) section for the Magna Training Site;
  • If Magna isn't showing up in your list of courses, please send a request to be added to
  • When you click on the Magna Training Site, the Blackboard shell will open. Please note, you will be asked to submit a "Terms of Use" agreement before viewing any webinars.
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