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2020 Aug 23 | Summer #10
Nurture Spirituality · Foster Compassion · Engage in Service

Our building may be closed, but our congregation is open! Please join us virtually. Visit our website for more information.
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Sun Aug 23, 10:00am
“Inextricably Linked”
~ Rev. Cindy Davidson

In these times some call “The Great Unraveling,” our planetary climate crisis, global public health crisis, and escalating racial tensions in the US compete for our attention along with other siloed issues. It can be easy to overlook their intertwining roots beneath the surface. How can grounding our responses in place and community help spawn an intersectional social movement of citizen activists for “The Great Turning?” Rev. Cindy Davidson was ordained at CUUC in 2019, and has served 4th UU Congregation-Mohegan Lake as minister and CUUC as ministerial intern. She is a GreenFaith Fellow and Board Chair of the UU Ministry for Earth.
Sun Aug 30, 10:00am
Journeying and Wandering
~ Rev. Meredith Garmon

Sometimes you're on a journey. Sometimes you're wandering. There are advantages to each -- and sometimes it's impossible to tell the difference. Whatever it is you're doing, it's good to pay attention.
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Messages from Ministry

Practice of the Week: Keep a Single Intention
The "single intention" to keep is to be kind, to benefit others. That’s the intention with which we begin: don’t be stuck on yourself; consider others. Others includes yourself; yourself includes others... Read more HERE.

The 2020-2021 theme for RE is JUSTICE & EQUITY to support our young people in understanding key justice issues, finding their voice, and carrying their values into the world. And we are deepening our partnership with CUUC Social Justice teams! September-December, the children's RE class is collaborating with the Hunger & Homelessness team, the middle school class is collaborating with UU The Vote, and the high school class is collaborating with In The Spirit of Truth/Racial Justice. Over 7 fall Sundays, children and youth will learn about the issues and participate in a project or action they will share with the congregation. Fall classes will meet online. We are also planning social and community building activities for Youth Group. Families and leaders will receive a schedule in the coming days!
To receive the RE newsletter, sign up HERE. To volunteer, contact Tracy (, Christine Haran (, or Laura Goodspeed (
Congregation & Community News
Reopening Survey

CUUC Reopening Survey, Respond Now through Mon Aug 31
Please help our Reopening Planning Committee by taking a brief survey about when and how you would be comfortable worshiping in person again. While we will not reopen in September, we are examining what may be feasible after that, and what safety protocols to put in place. Help guide our plans by adding your input! Survey is open until 12:00 noon on Mon Aug 31. Contact Aimee Katz (, Tim Lynch ( Take the survey HERE.
The 1619 Project at CUUC

Save the Date: The 1619 Project - Session 3: "Medical Inequality," Sun Sep 13, 4:00pm Rm 7899
The 1619 Project at CUUC resumes with a session on the essay "Medical Inequality" by Linda Villarosa and an article she published about COVID-19 titled "'A Terrible Price': The Deadly Racial Disparities of Covid-19 in America." Join us! Learn more HERE. Moderators: Amy Nathan ( and Audra Russell (
Clearing the Way

Grounds Cleanup, Sat Aug 22, 9:00am, CUUC
We invite individuals and families to help us prepare our grounds for Fun Day on Sat Sep 12. We will be cleaning and clearing to make it safe and fun to walk our pathways and explore our woodlands. Bring work gloves, rakes, loppers, and a tarp to carry away cuttings if you have them. Contact: Bice Wilson (
Outdoor Fun Day

Sat Sep 12, 12:00 - 3:00pm, conditions permitting
Come join us for CUUC Fun Day! We will be outside, wearing our masks, and spreading out for tie dyeing, rock painting, scavenger hunt, trail cleanup, bird watching and more! Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the date. (Our rain date is Sun Sep 13, time TBA.) Contact: Tracy Breneman (
Science & Spirituality

Science & Spirituality, Thu Aug 27, 11:30am, Room 7899
We meet the second and fourth Thursday to discuss books and articles on the intersection of spirituality and science. Join us! Contact: Barbara Mair (
Music Appreciation Class

Music Appreciation with Adam Kent, Tuesdays 10:00am, Starting Tue Sep 1, Room 5149
SUNY Oneonta lists it as "Music for Listeners," but your grandmother would have called it "Music Appreciation." With lecture classes online for the fall semester, professor Kent invites CUUC members and friends to audit his weekly online sessions - no commitment necessary, just join whenever the spirit moves you. In semesters to come, Adam plans to rechristen the class "A Millennium of Music" in order to reflect the historical overview it provides. In any case, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!
Learning from Memorials

Learning from Memorials to Slavery and The Holocaust - Part 2, Online Presentation and Discussion by The Montgomery Four, Sat Aug 22, 7:00pm, Irvington Library Online
Memorials and their symbolic power have been much in the news lately. What can we learn from their construction and destruction that could transform our thinking, our society, and the world? A follow-up to the presentation given by Adine Usher and others here at CUUC in Nov 2018. Register (required) HERE. Learn more HERE.
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Save the Dates

Inquirers Series - New! Sun Sep 13 & 20, Oct 4 & 18, 11:30am, Room 6161 
The Path to Membership Committee announces a new four-part series designed to welcome and inform visitors and friends about CUUC. Come converse with ministers, staff, and lay leaders as you learn about CUUC’s values, culture, and ministries, along with basics about Unitarian Universalism. All are welcome! Contact: Ginny Strand ( Learn more in our introductory video HERE.
UU Minute Videos

Many of our recent Sunday services have included Rev. Meredith’s informative mini history lesson videos, “Unitarian Universalist Minute.” If you missed any of the first 7 episodes, or want to play them again, you can now find them on YouTube HERE.  
In the Community

Poetry Reading, Thu Sep 10, 7:00pm, online HERE
We know Ann Chiappetta as the Vice President of Westchester Council of the Blind, which had been meeting monthly at CUUC before the pandemic. Ann is also a gifted poet, and is hosting a free online reading. CUUC members and friends are invited to attend.
Email Scam Reminder

Watch out for scammers who send emails posing as our minister, asking for help (a recent subject line was “BLESSINGS” from "Rev. Meredith Garmon" <>). Rev. Meredith will never email you asking for money or gift cards. If you are ever unsure, contact the office ( Learn more HERE.
Caring & Sharing 

If we can help you or someone you know in our congregation, please reach out to Nicky Klemens (, 914-967-4419) or Paula Meighan (, 914 834-6454). You may also contact the CUUC office ( To join our C&S Circle of helpers, contact Astrid Rogers (, 914-946-2026).
Share the Plate: Meals for HOPE
With $100 we can feed 200 people! The pandemic has disproportionally impacted low income communities. HOPE Community Services' soup kitchen saw a 618% increase in food demand in March! The CUUC Hunger & Homelessness team has been supporting HOPE by preparing trays of hot meals and lunch items each week. Help our volunteers buy the ingredients and supplies they need to continue this important work. You can donate directly by visiting, clicking Donate, and selecting Share the Plate. Or mail checks made out to CUUC with the memo "Share the Plate - HOPE." 
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Thursday, August 20 - 7:00pm Journey Group Check-In: Van Hoomissen (Rm 6161); 7:30pm Committee on Ministry (Rm 2210); 7:30pm Journey Group Check-in: Manetta / McGahren-Clemens (Rm 7899)

Friday, August 21 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Rm 5149)

Saturday, August 22 - 10:00am Zen Online (Rm 7899)
Sunday, August 23 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Rm 1991); 11:00am Coffee Hour (Rm 2210); 12:00pm Journey Group Check-In: Miller / Walkup (Rm 8944)

Monday, August 24 - 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Rm 5149)
Tuesday, August 25 - 10:00am Online Class-TBD (Rm 5149); 7:00pm RE Council (Rm 8428)

Wednesday, August 26 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 3:00pm Webinar: Racismo y Colonialismo en Conservacion (Rm 2210); 7:30pm Board of Trustees Check-In (Rm 7899)
Thursday, August 27 - 10:00am Online Class-TBD (Rm 5149); 11:30am Science & Spirituality (Rm 7899); 7:30pm Journey Group Check-in: Majsak (Personal Zoom)
Friday, August 28 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Rm 5149); 7:00pm Journey Group Check-in: Sehdeva / Cox (Rm 7899)
Saturday, August 29 - 10:00am Zen Online (Rm 7899)
Sunday, August 30 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Rm 1991); 11:00am Coffee Hour (Rm 2210); 12:00pm Journey Group Check-In: Miller / Walkup (Rm 8944)
Minister: Rev. Meredith Garmon,, 914-946-1660 x3
Dir of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development: Tracy Breneman,, 914-434-7539
Community Minister: Rev. Deb Morra,, 914-830-1509
Community Minister: Rev. LoraKim Joyner,
Music Director: Adam Kent,, 212-595-7280
Choir Director: Lisa Meyer,
Choir Pianist: Georgianna Pappas,
Children's Music Director: Lyra Harada,
Congregation & Communications Administrator: Pamela Parker,, 914-946-1660 x2
Bookkeeper: Diane Pearson,, 946-1660 x5
Board of Trustees
Board Chair: Joe Majsak,
Vice Chair: Debra Manetta,
Treasurer: Chris Kortlandt,
Secretary: Terri Kung,
Social Justice Coordinators
Mary Cavallero,
Emily Economou,
Jeff Tomlinson,
Rev. Meredith Garmon,