Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains
2020 Jul 12 | Summer #4
Nurture Spirituality · Foster Compassion · Engage in Service

Our building may be closed, but our congregation is open! Please join us virtually. Visit our website for more information .
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Upcoming Online Worship
Sun Jul 12, 10:00am
Learning to Love Accountability
~ Rev. Leslie Becknell Marx, Guest Worship Leader

We UUs love our freedom. Freedom is more powerful when it is freedom TO rather than freedom FROM. "What do we want to be free to do?" is a much more engaging and inspiring question than "From what do we want to be free?" To what do we want to commit ourselves so much that we want to be held accountable?

Rev. Leslie Becknell Marx is a UU minister who lives in Portland, OR, and often visits our congregation when visiting family in New Rochelle. She is a community minister whose work focuses on supporting leaders to lead with radical authenticity, inclusivity, and care. Her website is .
Sun Jul 19, 10:00am
Sankofa: A Story of Past and Present
~ Reggie Harris, Guest Worship Leader

A Story of Family Revealed and Destiny Redefined. Our service focuses on the shifting historical narratives that frame our nation's past and that are now being challenged by a new rising awareness sweeping our nation. Reggie will share how his own personal family story has provided a window for looking at a new way forward and, as celebrated symbols are now being removed, how we can all be involved as agents of change and hope.

For over 40 years, legendary singer, songwriter, and storyteller Reggie Harris has combined spirituals and roots music, historic inspiration, and moving original songs, often to promote the themes of unity and social justice. Reggie is the Director of Music Education for the UU Living Legacy Project for Voting Rights, and was co-presenter at the 2020 UUA General Assembly of the workshop "Deeper than the Skin: Musical Presentation on Race." Learn more at .
To join us online, click Room ending 1991  
Or call 646-876-9923 and enter 761 321 991  
Gathering Music starts at 9:50am
After worship, join our CUUC virtual Coffee Hour in Room ending 2210
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Messages from Ministry

  • Practice of the Week: Take Responsibility for Your Suffering
Religious Education & Faith Development

* Religious Education class es and Youth Group are on break for the summer. Stay tuned for information about an end of August Family Fun Day, conditions permitting.
*Thursday evening story time readers are nearing the end of their book and the meetings will end in mid-July.
*Racial justice resources for families and RE leaders are HERE .
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From the Music Director

It’s been so long since we’ve been together in person, but I still feel connected with you through our sense of community and the miracle of modern technology. I am thankful that music continues to be a part of spiritual life at CUUC, especially at this time of incertitude and loss... Read more HERE .
Congregation & Community News
A Tempo Resumes Mon Jul 13

"A Tempo with Adam," Live Piano Interludes, Mondays and Fridays, 3:00-3:30pm, Room ending 5149
Our Music Director, Adam Kent, has been on vacation this week and will resume his twice-weekly live piano concerts beginning Mon Jul 13. He will continue to offer these musical interludes through Labor Day, as comfort in these challenging times.
From the Refugee Resettlement Team

Opportunities Wanted. We are helping three of our local refugees find employment. The men all have green cards and social security numbers, and are authorized to work in the U.S. Two are looking for technician positions and the third, who has a college degree, is looking for an entry-level management job. You can find brief summaries of their skills and interests HERE. If you or someone you know can help, please contact Robin Rocchi ( or Jane Dixon (
From the Racial Justice Team

How do you explain segregation or the Movement for Black Lives to kids? On the new podcast These Truths , co-authors Sharon Langley and CUUC's Amy Nathan discuss their picture book A Ride to Remember: A Civil Rights Story , which tells the story of how a community came together to integrate a public park and its carousel. The award-winning authors share their perspectives on how caregivers and educators can explain democracy’s benefits—and failures—to kids. Listen HERE.
Reminder: Building Closed

While some local businesses and churches may be reopening in our area, we plan to keep the CUUC building closed at least until September. Only those who have permission and who have a key may enter. People who have permission to be in the building must strictly follow these guidelines:

  1. Lock the front door behind you after you enter.
  2. Wear a mask when entering and while inside the building.
  3. Wipe clean door handles and surfaces you used (e.g., kitchen counters) before you leave.
  4. Make sure the front door is locked behind you when you leave. (We have found the door unlocked several times.) Thank you!
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UU the Vote

#UUtheVote “It Starts with Faith” Summer Organizing School, 6-Week Online Series, Starts Wed Jul 15, 7:00pm
Come "skill up" so we can be ALL IN for democracy and electoral justice in the fall. Register HERE.
Climate Justice Documentary

Multi-Faith Film Screening and Discussion: The Condor and the Eagle , Thu Jul 16, 8:30pm
Come together virtually to watch this award-winning documentary, hear from the filmmakers and protagonists, and unite the faith community in the movement for Indigenous rights and climate justice. Donation suggested. Co-hosted by UUFNW Mt. Kisco, UU Ministry for Earth, and others. Register:
Hunger & Homelessness Team
Help us help organizations that feed our Westchester neighbors, including HOPE Community Services . Donate prepared food trays, lunch items, or canned goods. First contact Nicole Turygin ( ) or Steve Miller ( ) to learn what's needed.
UUA Racism Report

The newly released UUA report "Widening the Circle of Concern" analyzes structural and systemic racism and white supremacy culture within Unitarian Universalism, and makes recommendations to advance long-term change. Please read and share. Read online HERE or order a print version HERE.
Board Minutes
While our building is closed, we can't post our board minutes in the lobby for all to read, as we usually do. If you would like to be sent a copy, please contact the office: .
Email Phishing Scam

Scam artists are still busy, sending us emails posing as our minister asking for help (a recent subject line was “REQUEST” from "Rev. Meredith Garmon <>"). Always pause and look for warning signs before responding to any unsolicited email. Contact the office if you are ever in doubt ( ). Learn more HERE .
Caring & Sharing 

If we can help you or someone you know in our congregation, please reach out to Janet Giewat ( , 914-617-2137) or Nicky Klemens ( , 914-967-4419 ). O r you may contact the CUUC office ( ). To join our C&S Circle of helpers, contact Astrid Rogers ( , 914-946-2026).
Share the Plate for July & August: Meals for HOPE Community Services
Founded in 1984, HOPE (Help Our People Eat) has grown from a local soup kitchen to one of the largest emergency food pantries in the region. For months, the CUUC Hunger & Homelessness team has been supporting HOPE with weekly deliveries of meal trays and lunch items prepared by our dedicated volunteers. Our collection will support their efforts by helping pay for ingredients and supplies. Visit , click Donate, and select Share the Plate. Or mail checks made out to CUUC with the memo "Share the Plate - HOPE." 
Online Offering

You can pay your pledge, donate to the Share the Plate, or contribute to our Benevolent Fund or Minister's Discretionary Fund via PayPal by clicking "Donate" at our website . Or click the button below.
This Week at CUUC

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Worship Space ending 1991 - or call 646-876-9923 and enter 761 321 991
Room ending 2210 - or call 929-436-2866 and enter 336 956 2210 
Room ending 7899 - or call 646-876-9923 and enter 289 850 7899
Room ending 8944 - or call 929-436-2866 and enter Meeting ID: 983 663 8944.
Room ending 8428 - or call 646-558-8656 and enter 817 388 428 
RE Room ending 4635 - or call 646-558-8656 and enter Meeting ID: 602 164 635 
" A Tempo with Adam" Live Concerts, Room 5149 - or call 929-436-2866 and enter Meeting ID: 939 6077 5149. Please mute your microphones .

Saturday, July 11 - 10:00am Zen Online (Rm 7899)
Sunday, July 12 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Rm 1991); 11:00am Coffee Hour (Rm 2210); 12:00pm Journey Group Check-In: Miller (Rm 8944)

Monday, July 13 - 10:00am Journey Group Check-In: Kung (Rm 7899); 3:00pm " A Tempo with Adam" (Rm 5149)
Wednesday, July 15 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 7:30pm Board of Trustees Check-In (Rm 7899)
Thursday, July 16 - 7:00p m CUUC Community Pandemic Check-In : R ev. Morra (Rm 8944 ); 7:15pm Children's Story Time with Barbara Mair and Norah (Rm 4635)
Friday, July 17 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 3:00pm " A Tempo with Adam" (Rm 5149); 7:00pm Journey Group Check-in: Sehdeva (Rm 7899)
Saturday, July 18 - 10:00am Zen Online (Rm 7899)
Sunday, July 19 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Rm 1991); 11:00am Coffee Hour (Rm 2210); 12:00pm Journey Group Check-In: Miller (Rm 8944)
Minister: Rev. Meredith Garmon, , 914-946-1660 x3
Dir of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development: Tracy Breneman, , 914-434-7539
Community Minister: Rev. Deb Morra, , 914-830-1509
Community Minister: Rev. LoraKim Joyner,
Music Director: Adam Kent, , 212-595-7280
Choir Director: Lisa Meyer,
Choir Pianist: Georgianna Pappas,
Children's Music Director: Lyra Harada,
Congregation & Communications Administrator: Pamela Parker, , 914-946-1660 x2
Bookkeeper: Diane Pearson, , 946-1660 x5
Board of Trustees
Board Chair: Joe Majsak,
Vice Chair: Debra Manetta,
Treasurer: Chris Kortlandt,
Secretary: Terri Kung,
Social Justice Coordinators
Mary Cavallero,
Emily Economou,
Jeff Tomlinson,
Rev. Meredith Garmon,