Let Us Worship Together
March 22, 2020
Trust that you are on Holy ground because the Lord, your God is present. We invite you to gather with loved ones and offer your heart and mind toward praising and seeking God. Through our worship today, may each of us grow in 'becoming and helping others become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ'.
Is our need to be "right or orthodox" more important than extending the light of Christ into a dark world?

Worship the Lord with gladness.
Psalm 100:2a
Worship the Lord with gladness.
Psalm 100:2a
Questions For Reflection
  • “One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see!” (John 9:25) What story do you have to tell because of your relationship with Jesus? What is different in your life?

  • “For judgment I have come into this world so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.” (John 9:39) Where is there a blind spot in your life? A situation, relationship, thought pattern, habit where God might want to help you see more clearly?

  • “Now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.” (John 9:41) Where in your life has God shown you what he wants from you but you have yet to act on that? What will you do today to move in that direction?

Respond In Prayer
Holy God, you look beneath our outward appearance and see your image in each of us. Banish in us the blindness that prevents us from recognizing truth, so we may see the world through your eyes and with the compassion of Jesus Christ who redeems us. Amen 
Respond Through Giving
We encourage you to give your  financial offerings securely online or by mail (411 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28401) . Even in these trying times, it's important that we continue to serve our community through the partnerships we maintain. Your giving allows us to keep being the church, even in the absence of our physical presence.
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