This Sunday’s Gospel • Matthew 14:13-21
Jesus withdrew in a boat to a deserted place by himself. But when the crowds heard it, they followed him on foot from the towns...[ continue reading ]. Lectionary scriptures are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible.  Virtual worship continues this Sunday, August 2.
Discernment Committee Update
Right on time, the Discernment Committee is continuing its work. There has been a robust response to the posting that closed earlier in July. Please keep the committee in prayer as they review and consider the applicants. The complete timeline of events is below for reference.  
Worship Services on YouTube
How are you accessing the weekly worship services? Have you subscribed to the GHTC YouTube channel or are you watching on your smartphone or tablet? To stay up-to-date, be sure to like and follow the church on Facebook . Remember to send in a photograph or video of you, by yourself or with others, passing the peace. We all want to see our fellow worshippers, even while we are distanced from each other.
Regarding Regathering
Church services, even when masks and distancing are used, are proving to be one of the largest vectors for the spread of Covid-19. Following our diocesan guidelines , which aim to protect the most vulnerable among us, Richmond has not yet met the required safety metrics of sustained reduction in infections and deaths. At this time, we do not have a date for regathering for worship or other activities. When it will be possible to regather, strict safety restrictions will require no distribution of Communion and no congregational singing. Your staff and Vestry are reviewing the guidelines and are assessing, thoughtfully and prayerfully, how and when it will be safe for us to regather. Staff continue to work remotely and we will keep you updated through the church website .
GHTC Saturday Virtual Summer Music Camp - W ind Chimes!
By Saturday morning, you can tune in to YouTube here and join in as Julia Terhune leads little ones in making wind chimes. This week's lesson primer:
The beginning of the Bible tells us the story of God making the world. While this story doesn’t tell us exactly how God created the world, it does tell us about God’s relationship to the world as its creator. It tells us that God made the world freely out of nothing as a gift to us, and it also tells us that from the very beginning God’s Spirit (the Hebrew word being “ruach” which can also be translated as wind”) was present and sweeping across all creation. God’s Spirit is still with us today, moving and guiding us, and every time we hear or feel the wind blow we can be reminded of this.
What is Ordination?
This week our children’s homily series on the Sacraments and Sacramental rites continues with a look into ordination. What does it mean to be ordained, and what is the grace God gives through it? Join us for virtual worship to find out. As always, feel free to follow along with the series through the prayer book’s catechism either in your own print copy or online at BCP online. 
The Episcopal Churches Truth Telling Initiative
In this Facebook live feed from earlier this week Presiding Bishop Curry shared his truth and so many leaders from across the communion discussed Truth. Let’s watch and learn and share our truths. If you are interested in pursuing this further please reach out to Bill or Kim to learn more about what resources are available to continue our journey of truthtelling and reconciliation. We are all on a journey- let us journey together and discover truth in community.
Meal Train
Grace and Holy Trinity Church member and former ECM leader Gabe Arrington’s partner had surgery this week. They are in need of some meals to be provided during recovery time. You can sign up to bring a meal or have a meal delivered here . There are some specific dietary restrictions in this household so be sure to read all the notes etc on the signup- when we checked last there are only 6 meals left to be filled. Your love and generosity are greatly appreciated.
Mask Making in Ohio for Red Door 
Episcopal Campus Ministry leader Julia Terhune recently shared an interesting story about her mask making while she has been visiting Ohio. You can watch the video on the GHTC YouTube channel to learn more. 
VCU Common Book
The VCU All university book this year is One Person, No Vote . If you would like to be part of a book discussion or zoom call about the book contact Kim .
Thank you to our generous donors! 
We have been able to provide some escape to our guests at Red Door with the great books. If you are still going through your library, get in touch with Aisha Huertas to arrange a pickup.
Saturday is the Last Day to Order!
The last day to order shirts is coming! On August 1, 2020 our first-ever Red Door fundraiser comes to an end. Even if you don’t wear T-shirts you can buy one and donate it to a Red Door Guest! 
Planning Ahead During the Pandemic
Over the last few months, the church has received several requests for help in funeral planning. You can find helpful documents  online  to guide you, which includes scripture references. There is also information on the  Columbarium . In case of sudden illness or death it is helpful to have your paperwork in order for this essential act of faith. You can contact the clergy if you need help. If you would like to leave a legacy to the church through your estate, these online resources are helpful.
Connecting Online 
You may be familiar with the church’s online member center although some of your fellow parishioners may not have the technology to connect. You can brighten someone’s day by sending a card or reaching out with a phone call. Remember, photos and birthdays help us have an accurate list of members, so please update your information today! Questions or problems? Contact church staff to learn more about finding your church friends online.