Join us for worship as we continue to celebrate the great 50 days of Easter! Our service begins at 9:00am HST. We gather 15 minutes before, so arrive a little early if you would like to socialize or just get familiar with the online format. You are also welcome to stay after the service for reception and to mingle. The “congregation” comprises locals, seasonal residents on island and back on the mainland, and friends that visited the island in past years and are staying connected from New York, Illinois, Montana, Mississippi, Iowa, Arizona, Washington, California and more. It is great fun, and we invite you to join us!

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Sanctuary Open for Prayer Every Day 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now? Although we have been instructed to not leave our homes except for essentials or specific work, on your way you might drop in to Christ Memorial for a moment of peace and quiet. Or walk the labyrinth (exercise is allowed!) 

If you want Pastor Gae and our prayer team to pray for you or someone you love, please note on the podium as you walk in. 

Live off island? If you have a prayer intention or would like to pray for those on our prayer list, email Pastor Gae at

Morning Coffee with Pastor Gae
Aloha Friends,

In my last church, I used to have four chapel services a week with Preschool and Primary age children. I loved teaching kids about Jesus. And the highlight was telling the Easter story. It’s hard to compete with Easter Bunny, so I used “Resurrection” eggs. Each plastic egg had some trinket that connected with the story from the entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection: a palm branch, a cup, a nail, a dice, a piece of linen, a stone, etc. It didn’t matter the age of the children, they all wanted to have the opportunity to open a plastic egg to see what was inside. 
When we got to the very last egg, there was always a boatload of excitement as to what it might hold. I wish I had a picture of the look on the face of the child who was picked to open it because, of course, there was nothing inside. And then, I was able to explain that Jesus wasn’t dead in a tomb, but he was alive, not in his body but in the spirit.

I knew it would be many years before the children possibly could understand what exactly that meant. Many adults I have talked with still have trouble understanding. I know it was a big stumbling block for me in my faith journey. Even more troublesome than the Easter story were Jesus’ words in the gospel of John when he said, “I am the resurrection.” Was he resurrected or is he the resurrection? Is there a difference?
For many years, I just accepted that I didn’t understand it, and so I focused intently on Jesus having his earthly experience. It was enough for me to connect and reconnect with his teachings about the unconditional love of God, the necessity to forgive, the inclusion of women and Samaritans and the “unclean,” and the danger of preoccupation with pride, power and possessions. I fell in love with him! And little by little I began to sense his presence when I quieted my mind and became present in the moment.
Now I’m beginning to look at the resurrection in a new way, one that I am excited about. I’m thinking that Jesus as “the resurrection” means he is resurrected within me and everyone who believes. What do I mean by that? In some way, his divinity that lives within me is inspiring my humanity to rise to a more divine level. Physical death is absolutely not necessary for this to happen (I never believed that anyway). Jesus possessed a divine consciousness as he walked this earth as a human being. Did he have that consciousness from the get-go? I’m not going to argue that one way or the other. What I am sure about is that he loved and trusted his God with his entire being. It was as though he was one mind with his God. So what does that say to me? Loving and trusting God with your entire being is the path of divinity. The resurrection ~ the Christ ~ lives within. We have been and continue to be resurrected.  
Your thoughts are very welcome so please share.

Joy, joy, joy,

Pastor Gae ✝️
Online Study

Wednesday Bible Study - Gospel of John with Pastor Gae
2:00 - 3:15 pm HST on Zoom  

The gospel of John was written sometime around the year 90 CE, nearly 60 years after Jesus walked the earth. The Christian community was well established. Each week, we study a passage and discuss the story, how it might have been heard by those first Christians and what it says to us. If you’ve never studied the Bible, why not now? This isn’t a lecture. All you need is a bible, any translation, and the ability to get on Zoom. Email Pastor Gae if you would like more information.
Online Care

Alcohol Anonymous (AA) 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 7:30 pm HST

Go to and look for the Northshore AA groups. 

Online Centering Prayer & Scripture Reflection
Tuesday morning, 9:00 - 9:45 am HST
Begins this Tuesday on Zoom  

We’ll begin with a re-read of one of the Sunday readings, followed by a 10 minute meditation ( a time to pray “Let there be light”) and then a little discussion about the reading. Email if you would like to join, and Pastor Gae will send you the link. 


Our giving is important, especially now.

Although we aren’t gathering in the sanctuary for worship, our church bills are still the same. We’ve had questions from our Sunday worshippers and now our Zoom worshippers about how to give. Your continued gifts really matter, especially in this time of uncertainty.  

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Helen Mitsui Shared Blessings Thrift Shop
To our Loyal Friends and Customers,

In complying with the latest virus update,
Helen Mitsui Shared Blessings Thrift Shop 
will temporarily close until further notice.

While we wait it out, please remain safe and well.
We will miss your patronage, but will re-open as soon as we can
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Take care,

Your Shared Blessings Team

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