A Vivid, Totally Tasty 92-Point Natural Red for Just $9.99!


A 92-Point rated "natural" Spanish red for just $9.99? Crazy, but true! Clean, pure and totally vibrant, the 2018 El Vivero de Usaldón is a real head-turner. 

Natural wines normally sell at a notable premium, so we were  were curious about how a natural (affectionately known as "natty") wine of this price would present. We are happy to report that the El Vivero exhibits all the cool factors of natty wine while maintaining a purity and freshness that captures the drinker in a profound way.

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2018 Vinessens  "El Vivero de Usaldón" Garnacha
Alicante, Murcia, Spain
The El Vivero de Usaldón is a "natural" wine. This means that the winery follows biodynamic farming practices, does not use fertilizer or pesticides, allows the fermentation to proceed using native yeasts, and uses no added sulfur.

It is EXTREMELY rare for a wine made using these practices to sell for just $9.99. Especially one whose grapes were harvested by hand and then fermented - without being crushed - in clay tinajas. If you have ever wondered what the phrase "minimal intervention winemaking" means, this is it! 

The result is a remarkably clean wine with complete purity. If you have never tried a natural wine, this is a perfect place to start. If you are already a fan, you are going to love it.

The 2018 Vinessens "El Vivero de Usaldón" Garnacha packs a brisk punch of pure red and black fruits with a clean, long finish. This is not some jammy fruit-bomb, the focus here is on nuance, complexity and layers. As the wine gains air exposure, it begins to reveal its secrets, providing an evocative and totally cheerful burst of fruit and floral notes. The wine is so vivid, it is almost like you can see the flavors in your mind's eye!

We liken the El Vivero to a fresh style Côtes du Rhône. Make sure to have a touch of patience with this one and let it get some air. You will be rewarded for your efforts. As much as we love this wine, the Wine Advocate is an even bigger fan. Awarding an extraordinary 92 points...

"The new 2018 Coleccion Origen El Vivero de Usaldon is an homage to the old Usaldon vineyard that Bernabe used to work that was ripped out and replaced by almonds. It contained Rojal, Garnacha Peluda and Forcalla del Arco that were used to plant one hectare of mixed varieties, which were used for this wine. It's a five-year-old vineyard in Finca Casa Balaguer, and they used 30% full clusters and the rest uncrushed grapes to ferment in tinajas with natural yeasts, pressed after it finished fermenting and put back in the tinajas for four months. It's clean, precise and quite fruit driven but not banal, with an earthy touch. The palate is medium-bodied and revealed fine tannins and good freshness. It's 13% alcohol and feels just perfect and very balanced. Drink Date: 2019 - 2022."
- 92 Points, Wine Advocate (4/30/2019)

Looking online we found five listings with a median of $13. Our price beats them all by a wide margin - the next lowest price is 20% more than ours! A very cool natural wine here, for a silly low price.

Vin Chicago Price: 9.99  ($119.88 per case of twelve)
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