BSAC Joins Youth Organizers In Washington D.C. To Demand #GreenNewDeal
Led by the  BSAC and YOB youth joined thousands of young people in Washington D.C. to demand a
#GreenNewDeal  that would transform the economy and society at a scale needed to stop the climate crisis.  

Joined by our friends from March For Our Lives and Massachusetts Democrats, the young people raised their voices loud enough for the world to hear:

We demand:
  • 100% clean and renewable energy
  • Restorative justice and resilience efforts for those most vulnerable, and 
  • Clean energy jobs!
Watch and read ABC News coverage here.

As a society, we have  12 more years  to turn this ship around -- climate scientists have warned that  salvaging our planet or passing the point of no return.  Through key legislation like #GreenNewDeal,
we can save our planet and save our futures
Thanks to everyone who has signed on so far.  

Join us!  Contact us for more information.