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Hong Fook
1 pm - 2 pm
June 6, 2020

 Dr. Mak is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and Adjunct Research Professor at Western University. He works at the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health and Hong Fook Mental Health Association.

Sleeping concerns are on the rise since the pandemic. The webinar will be a discussion on medication and psychological treatments of common sleep disorders such as insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea.
2 pm - 3 pm
June 6, 2020
馮溥倫醫生 - 粵語講座

 Dr. Fung is a Clinical Director of the Asian Initiative in Mental Health Program at the Toronto Western Hospital. He is psychiatric consultant to the Hong Fook Mental Health Association. He is the President of the Society of the Study of Psychiatry and Culture. He has received numerous awards recognizing his contributions, including the 2016 American Psychiatric Association Foundation Award for Advancing Minority Health, and the 2019 Colin Woolf Sustained Excellence in Teaching of CPD.
In this webinar, we will discuss the impact of this pandemic on mental health and focus on how to improve your "resilience" so that you can enhance your ability to "recover" from difficulties.
3 pm - 4 pm
June 6, 2020
정신과 전문의 –브라이언 조 - 한국어

Dr, Brian Cho has been in private practice as a psychiatrist for the past 15 years. He began working with Hong Fook during his training at the University of Toronto to provide mental health care to the Korean community.

During stressful times, much of our daily routines are dictated by factors outside of ourselves. This webinar will discuss the benefits and challenges of establishing healthy routines, particularly in the areas of sleeping, eating, and playing.
4 pm - 5 pm
June 6, 2020
Albert Nguyễn Hoàng Allan - Tiếng Việt

Dr. Allen works as an outpatient psychiatrist at Asian Clinic at Hong Fook Mental Health Association and for the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority. He is an Assistant Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in the department of Psychiatry.

This webinar discussed how COVID-19 illustrates randomness, the impact of rare events, principles of adapting to trauma, and interdependence – and how we might adapt and thrive.
5 pm - 6 pm
June 6, 2020
项硕医生 - 国语 讲座

Dr. Xiang completed medical school at the University of Toronto. He then pursued residency training in psychiatry at Queen’s University. He subsequently worked as an assistant professor at Queen’s University, before returning to Toronto and joining the Hong Fook family.

This webinar will discuss mental health challenges during the pandemic and overall approaches in meeting these challenges and emerging stronger from the pandemic, with an emphasis on social connection as a response.
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