There are only 5 days left to submit comments on the River West Fresno Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). Comments are due by April 15, 2017. 

We encourage you to submit comments that request the Conservancy Board to approve the DEIR with all three access points (Perrin Ave undercrossing accessible from Madera County on Old Highway 41, Riverview Drive, and Palm and Nees).  

Send your comments to:
Melinda Marks, Executive Officer 
San Joaquin River Conservancy 
5469 E. Olive
Fresno, CA 93727

Click here to download a sample letter. 

We encourage you to use this template for inspiration to write your own letter that focuses on the project elements you believe are most important. Click here to visit our River West webpage for more information about the DEIR and what's at stake. 
Today, we'd also like to share some additional information about the Palm and Nees private access point that is included in the DEIR as Alternative 5. 

What are the constraints of Alternative 5?
  • The Palm and Nees access point is not in public ownership and not part of the currently proposed project. 
  • The existing road into the riverbottom is governed by a City of Fresno easement that states it will only be used for the same type of access as that provided on Riverview Drive. 
  • The parking area is proposed on a former landfill property that is privately owned.  
We've made some videos to help you better visualize the project and alternatives described in the DEIR. You can check out the videos by clicking the links below.

Click here for the Proposed Project and Alternative 1 
Click here for Alternative 3 - River's Edge Trail
Click here for two versions of Alternative 5 with Landfill issues
Click here for the preferred Alternative 5
As a reminder, the River Parkway Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was formed in 1988 to create the San Joaquin River Parkway.  The San Joaquin River Conservancy is a State agency that was formed in 1992 by assembly bill 2452 (Costa) to create the San Joaquin River Parkway.  We work closely together because we have the mutual goal of creating the Parkway, but the Conservancy Board is the decision-maker on this particular project.  The River Parkway Trust is providing this information as a service to the community.
Be sure to send your comments on the DEIR to Melinda Marks by April 15, 2017.

You can review the River Parkway Trust's previous comments on this project at .
If you have questions, please respond to this email or call us at 559-248-8480. 


Sharon Weaver
Executive Director