Don't be the one chasing that turkey down the road on Thanksgiving!
Make sure you call in your turkey order by Friday, Nov. 18th, since we only have so many birds left!
We bring in fresh, free range, non-hormonal, and antibiotic-free turkeys.
Thanksgiving Turkeys - Ordering Info:
We get turkeys in sizes from 10 lbs to 22 lbs and usually suggest ordering in 2 lb increments.
(example: 10-12 lbs or 12-14 lbs)

They do sell out fast, so make sure to order yours early to make sure we have the size you need!

The turkeys are delivered fresh,
so they are available for pick up on:
November 23
9am - 5pm

Call ahead for earlier turkey pickup, if available, on Saturday Nov.19
Thanksgiving Week Hours:
Sunday, November 20
Monday, November 21
Tuesday, November 22
Wednesday, November 23
9am - 5pm
Thursday, November 24
Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday, November 25
Saturday, November 26
9am - 4pm
Please call ahead to confirm hours.
Thank you everyone for all of your continued support!
Stay safe and healthy!
Please call Mike or Jenn to place your orders since we cannot take orders via online, email, or voicemail at this time. Thank you!