Bite-Size Blog #41 -- J. Morris Hicks

The only pragmatic way for us to get back to living in harmony with nature

    J. Morris Hicks
My primary "go-to" presentation has 57 PowerPoint slides and can be given in as little as thirty minutes. In it, I outline what I believe it to be the only pragmatic approach to returning to harmony with nature that has ever been proposed by anyone. I cover the high points here in just 7 slides.

My presentation begins with the beginning of life on Earth four billion years ago. I talk about how humans emerged as a species 200,000 years ago and how, in just the last fifty years, we have inflicted more damage on the fragile harmony of nature than all previous generations of humans combined. 

The first slide below outlines the four elements of our own lifestyle that are unsustainable--and only one of them can be resolved relatively quickly; the last one. The first three will each take many decades, if not centuries, to resolve--but our food choices offer HOPE for getting on the pathway to harmony on Earth in ten years or less. 

Point #2 in the next slide is about how we live and consume STUFF--a process driven by a global economy based on maximizing the  consumption of goods and services in a world of finite resources. We must quickly learn to live in harmony with our ecosystem or we'll leave Mother Nature no other choice than to someday  reclaim  her planet.

This is where I begin talking about a pragmatic way to promote a global return to plant-based eating and, in so doing, hopefully buy us enough time to resolve the first three more difficult problems. I call this pragmatic approach the "Harmony Project" and discuss the details in all of my speeches.

Part of my pragmatic approach is an "eating system" or concept that helps people assess the quality of their current diet and guides them as they move quickly in the direction of a truly health-promoting diet for themselves AND for our planet.  We call it 4Leaf.

In closing, I reiterate my "offer" to travel anywhere in the world to deliver this urgent message.

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