Exclusive Variety Collection

Subarashii Kudamono invites you to enjoy our Exclusive Variety Collection featuring several individual varieties of our Asian Pears. Each unique Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear you are about to enjoy will be indicated by the included guide. This variety giftbox is a limited time offer from now through the holidays or while supplies last. Shop online now and select "Exclusive Variety Gift Selection".

Have a favorite variety? Let us know what it is and why it's your favorite. We love to hear how our customers enjoying our Asian Pears!
Speaking of Pears... 
"My husband is going to be excited. Last year he said it was
the best fruit he'd ever eaten." - Patty, Spring City, PA

Happy Halloween!

This year, send the sweetest "trick" or treat ever - a box of sweet and juicy Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pears!

LilySan and AnaSan are also newly available for purchase. LilySan is a delicate pear that is back this year due to Mother Nature's kindness. This sweet and juicy Asian Pear has hints of bosc, madeleine, nutmeg, and quince flavors. AnaSan is another delicious choice this season. These Asian Pears taste like watermelon drizzled with honey. Yum!

Get them before they're gone! Go to our shop page, then select "Artisan's Choice Asian Pear Giftbox".

For another Halloween treat, enjoy a throwback video from "cinema subarashii."
Asian Pear Noodle Bowl
You Gotta Eat This!

Fresh Asian Pears and Aged Asian Pear Vinegar are a wonderful match! You can find them both in our Asian Pear Noodle Bowl! Packed with tender beef (or tofu, if you'd like) and juicy Asian Pears and vegetables, it's just what you need to keep going all Autumn long. Our light and bright Aged Asian Pear Vinegar gives it just the right tangy balance! Shop our Asian Pears and Asian Pear products here.
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