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The summer has come and gone, but Covid-19 remains and the election looms. I just attended the Mass Nonprofit Network conference which began with a reflection on Black Lives Matter--is it a moment or a movement? Let us commit ourselves to the movement to change our history of racism. And don't forget to VOTE (click on the photo to learn more about the mask!).

In the midst of these trying times, I have been fortunate that I love my work and am here to help nonprofits -- we are looking at this new normal "situation" for the long haul. Should there be new ways to address operations and systems? Is our financial management safe when so many are working remotely? I'm here, available to help you wrestle with these questions and identifying what's most critical to resolve.
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Not everything is about the virus
  Over the summer, I have picked up three amazing new clients, all through word of mouth! South Boston en Accion a neighborhood based, member driven organization that builds community and leadership among Latino families. An organization in transition to new leadership, I've been brought in to rebuild their financial systems and help the new ED think towards the future. Si, Se Puede (Yes We Can) is such a perfect name for this multi-service neighborhood program based in the Merrimack Courts Housing Project in Lawrence. Their new ED is determined to offer all they can in after school and education support in spite of the challenges this year has brought. Here, too, I'm assisting the new ED in setting up a new accounting system on QBO and thinking through budgets and reporting. (they are looking for graphics help: ideas?). I'm also assisting the revitalized Minuteman Parents Association (at Minuteman Vocational Technical High School) in catching up on financial reporting so that they can move forward in new fundraising for scholarships. (Pictured is the "lift off" of the Science Club for Girls rocketry program!)
Since I was five years old, I have spent part (or all) of every summer in an "off the grid" camp that my father designed--it's my little bit of heaven.

This year, I took a significant amount of time for myself--I offered it as an oasis to many friends, who could come, quarantine and be mask free. Though I was working, I took time to appreciate the depth of my privilege: not simply of having this place, but of having a job that I could transport easily, staying healthy, and most important, a place where they and I could recharge.

My wish to each of you: find your way to take care of yourself TODAY. 5 minutes or an hour. We all need to make it through this very hard year, and that starts right now.

Be well, be kind Ellen

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